B.A.D | Why Is It Hard To Say ‘Thanks’?



Oh come on, guys! I know my title sounds hideous, but I have a valid reason for asking that. While others have a long lists of reasons to give thanks, others are being less grateful in life. Why is that so?


Whether we admit it or not, we could easily see those negative situations and bad events in our surroundings. We could easily notice those people who swear, those who wear a sour face, and those who are easily irritated. It’s easier to judge people, or hate them even without a reasonable cause. If the world is obviously in it’s worst condition, complaining about it won’t make any sense.


That reminds me of those people that I meet during my commute to work. Come to think of it, the traffic jams here in our area is like the setting and rising of the sun; you can’t change the fact that it happens from time to time. I can also relate that to an unexpected rainfall during summer. Or an unpleasant surprise from your dear friend.


Since they’ve been commuting from home to work and vice versa, we could all assume that they’ve been accustomed to the harsh effect of the traffic jam. You could imagine 20 to 25 people stuck in the traffic, feeling too warm, and annoyed by the noisy street. I could hear some of the passengers murmuring, saying they’ll be late for work or they can’t watch their favorite show ’cause of the traffic. Figures…


On times like these, I am so thankful that I was blessed with strong feet. There might be times that I’m lazy enough and just wait in the jeepney/bus, but there are courageous times when I start walking to work. It’s pretty nice to walk in the busy streets with strangers; accidentally listening to their jokes, assessing their reactions if they’re talking seriously about work, or just stare at them since they’re good looking. I could walk with couples who are super sweet and those who are quarreling. Others smile at me, and if I’m in the mood to socialize, I could smile back.


While you’ve been haunted by the dilemma of traffic jams, why don’t you count the blessings you’ve had for the day? Thank God for another day that passed, and another night to take a great sleep? Why don’t you thank God for your generous officemate who gave you some sweets? Or acknowledge our Creator for giving you sumptuous meal during lunch break? You still have lots of things to be thankful, whether they’re big or small.


Please, don’t waste all the chance that you have to give thanks. :D






2 thoughts on “B.A.D | Why Is It Hard To Say ‘Thanks’?

  1. I love the way you think. Couldn’t agree more – the more we are thankful, the more we see the good in life. Even ‘bad’ things turn into ‘challenges’ or ‘lessons’ then eventually we see the positives of overcoming those too, big and small.


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