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Sudden Downpour Part II

You can read part one here.

It’s been a while, and I already have enough money to buy my mom’s favorite book, Tess of d’Urbervilles. I also added some extra funds for my book preference, Jane Austen. I do hope my money would be enough to buy one of his vintage umbrellas too. Hehe!

I was so excited! I can only imagine my mom getting so giddy as she knows I’ll return home with her one and only request. Oh my! If only she’s still here.

“Good afternoon! Anybody here?” I shouted as I open the not-so-old door. It squeaked as I opened it slowly. I bet the owner could hear the door as of the moment.

“You’re back my dear. I’ve been waiting for you. Going to buy the book?” he asked me, as he assists me to the chair where I used to sit that first day I was here.

“Yes. I just hope my budget suits two books.” I smiled, as my eyes wander around the store. Some of the items I saw before were gone, while there were new items.

“We’ll see that. What books are you going to get? Well, aside from Tess of d’Urbervilles.” He lead me to the books section, and I immediately searched for Jane Austen.

“Uhm. I already found Jane Austen, but where’s Tess?” I asked, as I continue to scan the shelves for the book I’ll be buying.

“Let me check my record. Could you wait for a sec?”

I nodded and he went back to the counter. He scanned a large notebook, which I believe is the record of his sales and inventory. It took him a few minutes before he found the information that we both needed.

“I’m sorry milady. Tess of d’Urbervilles was borrowed since last week. It was supposed to be returned yesterday.” I can see the frustration in his black, round eyes. Damn it! Who borrowed it?

“Oh my. That’s not good.” I sigh in frustration.

He looked at me and asked, “Maybe you could do me a favor. You could get the book at the borrower.”

My eyes widened after he said those words. “I’m a customer, sir. Not your employee who’ll be searching for your lost book.” I snapped. I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t like other people telling me what to do.

“So you’ll have to wait until that man return the book before you could buy your copy. If and only if he’ll still return it.” He makes himself busy with index cards and continues to scribble on his notebook.

I sighed. I wanted to get the book as soon as possible, before other people could get it for themselves. Should I get the deal? Or will I just waste my time and effort in chasing for that book?

“Who’s the borrower?” I asked him. “Give me his address and I’ll take the book back.”

“He signed as Marius Bienvenida. He placed his work address rather than his house ’cause he told me he just moved in and he haven’t memorized his address.” He gave one of the index cards that he’s been reading for me to see the details.

Oh my goodness. Is this for real?

“Are you ok? You look pale.” I’ve been thinking of lots of memories, happy and sad, when the store owner caught my attention.

“Y-yes. I’m good.” I stammered, but I contained a more confident voice at my second statement. Why on Earth is he here?

“So are you going to get the book, Mam? Please do this as a favor to me. I can’t leave the store. You see, I don’t have an assistant. And he might come here to return the book while I was away.” I looked at him and he looked worried. I just don’t know if he’s worried for me or for the book. Well, he’s missing his income if the book is lost.

“I’ll leave you my phone number so that you could contact me when he return the book. And please, if he does, please tell him to wait for me here. Could you do that?”

“That’s the deal.” and he escorted me out of the store. I was thrilled. And excited maybe.

It’s been years now. I’ve last seen Marius when we’re still in college. When we’re still good together. After things got messed up, we haven’t talked to one another until I flew here in London. Now I wonder, what is he doing here?

The store owner said he works now in a new establishment on the other street. What happened to his “I won’t go abroad for work but for travel purposes only”? And why on London? He always wanted to visit Dubai, USA, and Canada, but not London.

I continued searching for the store with the name Te Quiero. The store owner said it’s a coffee and desert shop, owned by Marius’ family. Wow! Things have changed indeed! Who would have thought that his family already owns a restaurant abroad? They must’ve been working so hard!

My heart was on the racetrack again. I could compare it to a car who’s running at the speed of 280 MPH, beating the World’s Fastest Car Clocks Record Speed of 270.49 MPH. I was nervous. I was excited. I was afraid to face him after so long. I’m on a roller coaster of emotions that only goes up, and makes me feel nauseated.

After 15 minutes of walking and strolling at the streets, I saw a purple-colored signboard that bears the name of their store. It was indeed a small shop, and I guess it has five to ten tables only. There was a cute counter, all in shades of purple, and a glass containing their sweet delicacies. They’re serving a variety of cheesecakes, carrot cakes, muffins, and brownies. There were few customers when I entered their shop, and it looks like everyone was satisfied with the menu.

I immediately approached the counter and was shocked to see his mom as the cashier. She was shocked to see me, but her smile makes me think that she was glad I was here.

“Is that you, Shammy?” she asks, as she come closer to me.

“Yes Tita. You’re one and only Samantha Charlotte. How are you?” I hugged her tight, like the way I used to do.

“You’re gorgeous, iha. I’m good. How about you?” she ushered me to a sit nearest the window, and asked their waiter to give me a carrot cake and choco-banana smoothie.

“I feel great Tita. How long have you been here?”

We chatted and chatted for the next hour. Or hours I guess. She told me that Marius have started the business a year ago, and she just flew last month. She wanted to help him with the business, and to help him develop his skills in baking and cooking. He moved here almost two years ago, and was studying culinary and baking. The waiter was Marius’ cousin, Jeremy, who’s also studying at the same school as Marius.

“By the way, I need to ask a favor from you, Tita. Marius borrowed a book from the antique shop at the next street, and he has to return that yesterday. They’re quite strict with schedules here, you know.” I actually forgot about the book since I was enjoying my free meal and joyful reminiscing with Tita Veron.

“I’m sorry. I was the one reading that book. He borrowed it ’cause he thought I was bored. I’m not into books, honestly, but I loved the story. I just finished it last night, and he’s supposed to return it tonight.” She was at the other side of the table, sipping her favorite cappuccino. She never changed on that aspect.

“Okay. I’ll just tell the store owner about the book. My, I still wanted to talk with you tita, but I still  have work in an hour. I should be going.” My heart sank of the thought of going too soon, but I have to.

“No worries my dear. You know where to find me, in case you’d have the time.” She hugged me again, and I never wanted to go away now. They’re like a family to me, and that never changed even if years have passed.

“Sure tita. I won’t miss the chance to get a free slice of carrot cake.” I winked at her.

“You’re still a naughty child you know. So you have work, right?”

I waved goodbye to her and she did the same. I was about to walk through the door when I heard a familiar voice calling my name.

And that’s where all the crazy shizz begins.


Part three next? Hahah!

I’ll be thinking about that first.

Thanks for reading! :D



B.A.D | Thankful Thursday

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It’s been a while now, and I wasn’t able to post updates due to my busy schedule. Well, sort of busy schedule. Hah! No matter how busy I am, I won’t miss the chance to share how grateful I am for the days that passed.


I had my endoscopy procedure last Tuesday afternoon at the Manila Doctor’s Hospital. I was there with my father and my cousin Nikka. That procedure was requested by my gastroenterologist to check if I had ulcer.

We arrived at the hospital at 10AM, three hours before my procedure. It looks like I’m excited, yes? We’re just avoiding heavy traffic, and we still don’t know where the hospital is. It gave us ample time to search for the Endoscopy unit and to relax a bit more.

While waiting, we’re talking about the possible illnesses that we could hear from my doctor. The words “tumor” and “abdominal hernia” were frightening as I don’t want further treatments. I can’t think of any mild illness since all those threatening ones were inside my head, including cancer. I’m an over-thinker, you know. :D

To cut the long story short, I had my EDP at 1:30. Thanks to my doctor who come home late, and to those tons of papers that are needed to be signed. Hahah! After changing into the hospital gown, I was instructed to lay in their bed. A petite lady in blue came near me.

“Is it your first time to undergo this procedure?” she asks.

“Yes, it is.” I answered. I think I answered her with words or with a nod. I can’t remember.

“Let me have your wrist for your IV.” She reaches for my ice-cold hand, one that she didn’t notice ’cause the temp in the room was already cool. She instructed me to close and open my hands. After a minute or two, she asked me to keep my fist closed.

“It’s your first time to have IV, too?” she said while (I guess) inwardly laughing at my pale, nervous look.

Again, I nodded.

I was trying to snatch my hand from her grasp, but she scolded me. “Don’t move your hand. You’ll be hurt more. Slowly open your hands now.”

I did what she said.

She removed the needle. “I already removed the needle. What’s left is a plastic tube there. You won’t be hurt when you try to move your hands.” She smiled again.

And me, the ever curious lady, tried to move my hands. She noticed it and asks, “Why do you have such hands?” And I didn’t understood what she meant by that.

I wanted to ask her about her question, but my attention was redirected to a tall man who came near me. He was the assistant of the anesthesiologist, if I remember it right.

“Hello Ms. Aileen,” he said. “I’ll be giving you this for a drink. It will help in numbing your throat. OK? Open your mouth.”

Again, I did as I’ve told.

“Do you feel the numb already?” he asked again.

I nodded. I don’t have the words to say ’cause I’m so tensed. I think my heart was in a marathon that time, and was looking forward to bringing home the bacon. Tss.

“Open your mouth again and I’ll spray more of the medicine. It won’t taste nice, I know, but you really need this.”

Do I have any choice, doc? I said to myself. I did what he said.

The med tastes like banana and lychee together when they first sprayed it. But the second and third spray revealed the awful taste. I found it hard to swallow during the second spray, and almost impossible in the third.

While I was busy thinking how to swallow the last ounce of med, my hand with the IV was pain-stricken. The last words I heard was, “Close you eyes and let the anesthesia work.”

I did what he said and I remember nothing else.

I woke up feeling dizzy, blinded by the light, and alone. When I fell asleep, nurses and doctors were around me, and now I am all by myself. Few minutes later, the very handsome nurse removed the pillow at my back, telling me that the procedure was done and I should take a rest. For the Nth time, I did what he said.

However, I didn’t fell asleep again. I was looking at the IV bag, thinking how long I’ve been asleep since it’s almost empty. I was able to see the clock, but I wasn’t sure if it says 2:00 or 3:00 pm. A few minutes later, my gastroenterologist, Dr. Romero, came near my hospital bed and uttered something about the results. I was too dizzy to understand everything that he said, so I feel like I have to visit him and ask for more information. Hehehe!

After another 10 minutes of looking at the ceiling and waiting for my prince charming slash gorgeous nurse to pass by, Dr. Romero removed my IV, and called another nurse to assist me in changing to my clothes. She helped me reach the bathroom ’cause I was swaying like a drunken lady from a bar. Hahah!

When I came out of the CR, my cousin was waiting for me ’cause I still have to sign more papers. I thought I finished signing all the docs. I was wrong. This time, I signed the bill, and I was shocked by the digits. Whew! Thanks to health card and PhilHealth, my payment was reduced to 100 Php.

After paying, I was given a CD, which contains the video of the procedure, plus a copy of the bill. The receptionist told me everything was set and we could go home already.

And that was the end of my EDP journey.

Oh no! My mistake! Hahah! After fasting for six hours, we ate at Mang Inasal. I ordered pork sisig and halo-halo. Such a big meal for an upset tummy. I was kinda disappointed by the amount of sisig on my plate, but I was satisfied with the taste. I think that’s just right.

Then we traveled to Antipolo. I stopped by a drugstore and bought my medicines. I expected expensive medicines again, but I was shocked that it was that expensive. Wow! I was a bit happy ’cause I didn’t spend much on the laboratory, but my wallet was crying ’cause of the medicines. *sigh*

We went to visit the new house of my cousin in Camella homes, and we stayed there for the whole night. It’s nice to see my cousins after a long time, so we had a great night talking and talking. Until I fell asleep.

The next morning, we watched the movie Sabotage until 10 am. Then, we prepared for another long travel to my another uncle’s house. He wasn’t there, so we chatted with my aunt instead. we waited until 2pm, but he didn’t came.

We left Antipolo at 2pm, and traveled to Cubao to visit my aunt. We spent a few minutes there, since my father might be late for his travel back to Bicol.

See how busy I was? I had fever the day after the EDP, but I didn’t mention that to my father. He’ll be worried, I’m sure. After a long day of commute and shopping, I went home and slept.

It’s been a roller coaster of events and emotions. I’m glad that all is well. So now, I’m looking forward to less medical appointments and more creative thoughts on my blog.


Awards Night for the Huntress

It’s Friday again, folks! I am so looking forward to spending my long weekend since Monday was declared as a non-working holiday. But before anything else, I wanted to share my recent WordPress milestones. Hah!



First, I wanted to welcome my 207 followers! Last August 19, I received my new award when I accumulated a total of 200 followers. Others might think that it’s just a small number compared to their followers, but I really appreciate the presence of those people who are looking forward to reading my posts. I promise that I shall fo my best to produce sensible and informative content in my future posts. I hope you’ll enjoy those! Again, you so much for the follow. :D



Second, I wanted to thank you (again) for helping me reach 200 post! I wouldn’t be inspired to continue writing if you aren’t there to respond to me. I know I can’t maintain great posts, but I’m grateful that you spend a few minutes reading my articles.



Lastly, I wanted to thank you for giving me a total of 596 likes! WOW! I never thought I would reach that stat, especially because I’ve been out of blogging for so many days. Thanks again my dear readers!


I can’t give you a tangible gift as a sign of my appreciation. (I’m so poor at the moment to do that, and I still can’t afford the shipping charges for everyone) So, let me follow all your blogs too, and I promise to give comments and feedback to your posts.


Thank you so much, guys! I am looking forward to communicating and interacting with you in the next days!




From the lady with full of gratitude,

B.A.D | Wedding Wednesday (Sort OF!)


It’s been a very long day, folks! A visit to my gastroenterologist, quite serious talks with my parents, and work. I just want to go home, lay on the bed, and enjoy a deep sleep.


However, I can’t end my day without posting something interesting. Haha! I guess this would be an interesting post, insert sarcasm here, ’cause I really don’t know if my brain is functioning properly. Hah

Amidst all the trouble that happened today, I had a small talk with my partner that changed my mood. We’re talking about his application requirements and compliance. I was telling him the results of my medical appointment and the troubles that were associated in it.

The fun actually began when he reminded me of a weird conversation we had before. It’s all about wedding vows.

Here’s a sample of the ‘traditional wedding vow’ we’re all used to hear:


“I, _______, take you, ________, for my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.”


And here’s our crazy analysis about it:

1. to have and to hold

We’ve been together (again) for a few months, yet it feels like we’ve been partners for years. He said it might be because of our similarities (i.e, favorite food, interest, or perspective in life). For me, it was because of our differences, since we have the chance to talk about how to compromise, to make the ends meet, and to settle everything in a better way.

To have and to hold isn’t just physically. It’s also being assured of the love and loyalty that you could share together.

2. for better, for worse

Worse scenarios? We also have that! Start from the typhoon, the problems in our work, and the misunderstandings that we’ve been resolving. Whatever happens, we wanted to stick together.

Remember the song, “I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else”? It was so applicable to both of us. Hahaha!

A relationship will last if you know how to handle your good happy hours and your lonesome moments. It’s not easy to stick together when both of you are down; I know that. But it feels better to be with the one you love instead of being a loner forever.

3. In sickness and in health

I’m sick; I know I am. Haha! And he’s going to undergo some surgeries too. Both of us are (kinda) sick in one way or another.

He told me once that he was thankful ’cause I still accepted him amidst all his “health” conditions. I just laughed and said, “Healthy or  not, I’m at your side. I’ll take care of you. I’ll make sure that you’ll have all the reason to remain alive and to remain healthy.”

Just this afternoon, he made me feel that health issues are JUST issues. It can never separate us.

Uh? I guess that’s already enough. Hahah! My mind is starting to shutdown already, and I don’t know if this post is properly organized. I guess my heart just pours the words without even thinking about it. Hahaha!

Oh well. Time to go.


PS: To all those who’ll be saying their vows at the altar, make sure you mean what you say. Promises are made to be broken? Let’s forget about that belief. Please? :D


The sleepy (but super duper happy) HUNTRESS :D


This poem was written about a year ago, and was posted in our group blog. As I scan the posts in that page, I wonder if this poem is still worth reposting. I do hope you’ll enjoy this poem, with all the confused and contradicting thoughts that you can read here. Criticisms are allowed, as long as you say it in a proper way. Toodles! :D

Ribbons shaped as hearts on white, valentines day concept



It’s so absurd, you may not believe it;
But this is so true..
From day one my attention was captured by you.
I know this day will come that you’ll know the truth.
It’s just that I never expected this is too soon.

You never know how excited I am when I was transferred to your team.
It wasn’t a good news for me though, since I know I have to fight the feelings.
Until I sat beside you, and you knew there was nothing else behind the way I look at you..
That moment when I said I’ll never take my eyes off you..

Every time you ask who’s the mysterious guy.
My mind keeps on asking so many why’s.
Why do you have to know?
Why do you even care to ask?
Why are you so interested?
You said it was just natural curiosity..
I assumed something that’s not right..

I never told you that I simply look at you when you’re asleep..
I always wish you won’t wake up and catch me staring at you.
It’s funny that I can watch over you and work on my assignment at the same time..
I guess I never want to miss the opportunity that I can freely look at you.. Look at you that close..

Somebody might call you a frog, but you’ll always be my prince.
I’ll deal with your natural curiosity rather than calling you my paparazzi..
I’m just sad that I deleted my chat history..
‘Cause that’s where I can track my joyous moments with you..

You’re a great TL, everyone knows that..
It’s such an honor to work with you in a short span of time.
Whatever happens in the next days, I’m sure your tips will always be on my mind.
I’m sure I’ll remember you all this time..

Do I still need to drop your name? You already knew about it.

Please act like you knew nothing.
Please act like you never read my post.
Never stop smiling.
Don’t feel creepy when I tell you I’ll never take my eyes off you.
I just want to cherish the little moments that I can have with you.
Moments when I’m still here and you’re just there…





BAD | A Thought For Tuesday

Intimacy without commitment, like icing without cake, can be sweet, but it ends up making us sick.
– Joshua Harris | I Kissed Dating Goodbye


Being out of the blogging world gave me lots of time to read books and various articles. I’ve read various opinions about dating, relationships, and the hook-up culture. I also shared my thoughts in one of my posts entitled, It’s Not For Everyone.


Now, as I read Joshua Harris’ book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, I’ve been given more insights about dating. If you’re not going to read past the title, you might think that Joshua is just an extremist with a weird belief. As you finish reading the content, you’ll learn that he’s just a follower of God’s word. He’s just an obedient messenger.


I know it’s too late, and reading this book might be a waste of time for me. I’ve been in various relationships, met different kinds of people, and established friendships with lots of men. I thought the book won’t do any harm, or won’t tickle my mind. Again, after reading past the title, I already knew I was wrong.


I was once one of those people who don’t really care about commitment. I was enjoying the “feeling” when someone asked me out. Or when someone tells me he likes me. I was enjoying the attention and the company. But it just ends there. I wasn’t thinking about committing myself to that person for the rest of my life. I was thinking, “It’s just not right. Not now. I still want to have fun.”


Considering my present relationship, I can say that both of us have committed to each other. We’ve been telling and showing each other how we feel responsible for our betterment, and how we should look after one another. Love and affection is always present, as well as pretty weird discussions that makes us better people.


We’re not perfect, and I know we’ll never will. I can’t be the same again. I can’t be one of those most respected youth in our organization. I’m not that honest anymore. In regards to my relationship, I’m not that innocent anymore.


Tell me, is it really worth the time if I continue reading this book? Or should I get the lessons I could derive from it, and start all over again?


I know God will forgive me, as soon as I ask for forgiveness. I know He’ll help me recover from the troubles that I’ve done. I know there’s still a chance for me to be a better person, as long as I decide to take the first step.


I’m full of guilt. I’m happy as to where I am now, or who I am today. But, I’m confused.


But now I am so sure that the joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment.


And I’ll never forget that. :D


PS: Anyone there who read the book? I don’t want some spoilers, but can you answer my questions? Do you think I have to continue reading this?





IF I STAY by Gayle Forman


This book have been recommended by my friend Xerlyn about a year ago. Due to my “obsession” with vampire novels, I just finished reading it yesterday.


Here’s a blurb that I found on the author’s website:


On a day that started like any other…

Mia had everything: a loving family, a gorgeous, adoring boyfriend, and a bright future full of music and full of choices. Then, in an instant, almost all of that is taken from her. Caught between life and death, between a happy past and an unknowable future, Mia spends one critical day contemplating the one decision she has left—the most important decision she’ll ever make.

Simultaneously tragic and hopeful, this is a romantic, riveting and ultimately uplifting story about memory, music, living, dying, loving.


The accident scene broke my heart. I feel like I don’t want to finish the whole novel ’cause I think it won’t make any sense anymore. Who would love to live alone? I mean your parents are already dead and you still don’t know where your little brother is. However, the twist and turns of the scenarios made me decide that I should finish the book. Finish it up to the very last page.

I can imagine myself at Mia’s position – physical body that’s oblivion to anything around her while the soul was lingering at the hospital. It’s heartbreaking for her to see her Gran and Gramps watching her suffer, as well as her best friend and boyfriend. She’s overwhelmed with the presence of caring nurses and social workers, as well as the presence of family friends.


This story proves that love conquers all. Love will make you want to stay, even if you think everything was already in a losing battle. Love will make you feel strong when you think you’re at the edge of the cliff. Love will make everything possible. Love will put your hopes up.

Love’s a bitch, or so they say. But in this novel, it’s one of the reasons why she chose to stay. Love from her grandparents, from her family members, from her friends, and from Adam.


The question is, “What would happen to Adam’s promises now that she stayed?”

source: Pinterest

Time to read book two, Where She Went.


Final Rating: 8

Yes, I’m a fan of tragic novels. But I wanna read the second book for my official final rating for the series. Hehe!