B.A.D | FunDay Sunday



Hey guys! I am so sorry for being out of the line in the past few days. Aside from thinking about my medication, I have no access to internet. Well, I could post via mobile, but I can only give you a very short update.


Anyway, just wanna give you a glimpse of my fun day Sunday!


I’ve had complete hours of sleep this time. Yoohoo! Aside from the cold weather that pushed me to my bed, I have nothing else to worry. Haha! No work. No laundry. And no schedule waiting for me. :D


Yes, I’m on the rocks today. I’ve been thinking if my actions have been right, or if I’m already missing the same ME that I wanted to live with. Hmm. But then again, I love the fact that I can make other people happy. Guess I just have to make sure I am not forgetting my principles, my ideas, and my own judgment.


Oh fine! Had a great day with my BF too. We’ll be busy again within the week, so it’s nice to have a special bonding while we still have ample time.



Thanks for reading! XD








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