An Ode to My Father | Birthday Post


They always say I was just a kid
I can’t remember the past as they did.
But I can’t forget those funny moments we had,
And those nights we’re watching the Christmas show.


I was just a kid but I still remember,
That’s first time we road a roller coaster.
I was screaming, yelling, and shouting, “Mama!”
And you’re laughing so hard while holding my hand.


I was just a kid but I won’t forget,
The puppy that you gave me, unfortunately it’s dead.
I can’t forget the time you rushed me to the hospital,
That time when I’m depending on you to stand up.


I was just a teen, and I won’t forget..
How hard it was to grow up without you at our side.
I won’t forget those moments that you’ve scolded me..
And those moments that you’ve laughed with me..


I was just a teen, but I’ll always remember..
My pretty little ways for our family to be together.
Yes I failed; I failed a million times,
At the time I gave up, that’s time everything has fallen into their right places.


I was just a teen, but I’ll always treasure,
The lessons I’ve learned while we’re suffering..
The virtues I’ve heard from you..
The advices that you’ve given when you’re drunk.


I was just a teen, but I learned how to forgive..
All those words you said that broke my heart in many ways..
All the times that I feel disregarded, unloved
All those days that you’ve been very disappointing..


One day we’re happy, laughing out loud about anything under the sun,
One day, you’re yelling at me, almost slapping me hard.
Sometimes we’re too close, the next day we’re strangers..
Sometimes you’re nice, while other times you’re not.


I’m glad to have you as my imperfect father,
‘Cause I won’t pursue without all those motivations.
Yes, I’ve disappointed you a million times,
And I’m thankful you never left my side.


I thank God for having an unpredictable father like you,
I thank God for everything I experienced with you..
Good or bad they’ve mold me today,
And I’ll be thankful always, forever, until the end of my days.


Happy birthday, Papa!


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