B.A.D | Promises Made



How could you believe in a promise spoken if you’ve been a victim of broken ones? Pretty hard, yes? The worst part is the way you start to disregard all the sincere words he/she have been telling you all the time.


In my previous BAD post, I’ve told you that faithful and loving people still exist. Remember that? I myself highly believe that I’ve been back to the guy where I rightfully belong. Moreover, I am already anticipating a life with him, today, tomorrow, and forever. The truth is, I am not raising my hopes too much.

Ribbons shaped as hearts on white, valentines day concept

Last year, a guy promised me a wedding. Civil wedding, yes, but he wanted it so much than I did. Few months after the proposal, he broke up with me. He lived with another woman he just met.


This blog had been the witness of all the frustrations that I’ve suffered. If you’ve been reading all along, you should’ve known how I hated him, how I hated the girl he’s with now, and how I hated their son. If you’ve been with me within the year, you’ll know how I moved on, how I tried to forgive, and how I eventually decided to forget.


Today, after a year of roller coaster of emotions, here’s a guy telling me he’s gonna marry me. He’s telling me that he’s so sure about me; that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He even asked me to prepare for the wedding while he’s on training (I have a year to finalize my OWN wedding). He mentioned this twice now, and I honestly wanted to expect much from him wholeheartedly.


I know I’m crazy to doubt the proposal, but can you blame me? I’ve already had a fair share of broken promises and unreachable hopes. I’ve already have lots of reasons to doubt everyone, whether they’ve been close to my heart or not. I’ve already had enough, and I’m so sure he knows that.


We’re not getting any younger; that’s what he would tell me. He’s been giving promises,  and he instantly add these words, “I will say these promises, but I’ll exert more efforts to fulfill them one day.” Again, with the proposal thing, he wanted to fulfill the promise in the next years.


I guess many of you are wondering why I’ve been saying all of these. Let me just quote one of the famous lines from The Fault in Our Stars


Just like Augustus Waters, I am also in a roller coaster that only goes up. I’ve been down. I’ve faced difficulties. I’ve been alone and isolated. Now, I’ve gained friends who listen to me and give me advices. I have other people who remind me of my limits. I have this blog to remind me of the mistakes I’ve done before, and the faults that I have to avoid. Most importantly, I already have someone who’ll hold my hand until my very last breath.


After all the storms of my life, I’m already seeing the rainbow. Yes, I know more challenges will come, but I am stronger than before. More trials? Bring it on! :D


Oh yeah! I’m already enjoying the rainbow after the rain. I hope you’ll experience the same happiness I am feeling at the right time, the right place, and with the right people. Keep the faith!


Have a great day!





4 thoughts on “B.A.D | Promises Made

  1. You can’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. This “new” man in your life? He just might be the real thing. Your ex? Obviously a learning lesson. But if you don’t give this new relationship a try, you’ll never know. XOXO


    1. I am very willing to give the relationship a shot, Kate! Actually, I was telling him that the wedding is already set. I’ll just give the plans to him for his approval. Hahah! Anyway, I do hope this will be for REAL this time around. :D


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