B.A.D | Pending… Again?



With our jam-packed schedules, overlapping appointments, and desire to get a great rest, we set aside some hobbies and recreational activities. When these activities are left unnoticed, there will come a time when we’ll learn to forget about it.

This BAD post is actually inspired by the Daily Prompt about writer’s block. I, as a writer in my pretty little ways, had a fair share of experiences to share about that topic. Whether I am writing a simple comment, a poem, a blog post, or a simple photo caption.

I honestly have four pending stories as of now. Two stories was written in English, while the other two was written in Filipino. I have the plot, the characters, and a plan on the how the story would go on. However, I can’t find the exact words to finish the whole stories.

I understand how writer’s got frustrated when they experience writer’s block. Well, I guess everyone gets irritated when they’re facing mental block, right? The worst part is how our worries build as time flies and our novels are still unwritten. We worry about when we’ll gonna publish it. We worry if we’ll ever move on from that story.

Now is the time to stop worrying and start typing your piece. I know it’s hard to start again, but try. If you think you can’t find any inspiration to do so, open a book. Read a story. Go for a walk. Find a silent place where you think you can organize your thoughts. It’s time to stop pessimism and start working! :D


Here are some of the photo quotes I’ve seen and I wanted to share it too! Photos are grabbed from Pinterest. You can also use that site in finding quotes that might inspire you.





You can also check out this site that I stumbled upon! It talks abut quotes about writers and writing, :D



Have a great day, fellas!





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