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You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?


Stretch my limbs. Open my eyes. Check the time. 7:05 am August 11, 2024


Due to my initial shock, I instantly got up and re-read the digits on my phone.

7:06 am August 11, 2024


So I’ve read it right! It’s already 2024! Oh my! Am I asleep for the past 10 years? I don’t think so..


After a minute, I’ve heard a knock at my door.

“Hey sweetie. Are you awake?” asked a husky voice outside the door.

“Uhh.. Yes I am. Come in.” I hesitantly replied.

The door squeaked as it opened until it revealed an overly handsome man wearing white sando and black basketball shorts. “Time for breakfast, honey. I’ve prepared your favorite.”

That’s pretty cool. I said to myself. I used to be the one who wakes him up for breakfast. Well, being asleep for years has an advantage too.


“Give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready for breakfast. Is that ok?”

He smiled so sweet, come closer, and kissed my lips. “Sure. Let me set the table.” And in a swift move, he’s out of the door.


I immediately searched for my planner. I’m supposed to be sleeping as of now, waking up at 8 am, and preparing for work at 8:30. I should’ve been traveling to work by 9am, and starting my office assignments by ten. But now, things have changed.


I have to finish all my preparations by 8am, send my two kids to school, and go to work. I have to remind myself that I have to pay our house bills, and buy new supplies for the fridge. I have to fetch the kids by 12 noon, and drop them at the house before my lunch break ends. By 5 pm, I’m gonna go to McDo ’cause the kids love fries and sundae, then I’m gonna buy some link tea for my husband. My friends have been calling me for a night party, but I can’t come ’cause my kids wanted me to read some bed time stories.


Ten years have passed already, and this is my happy family life. I can see my friends during weekends, but I can’t spend all of my time with them. My main priority is my presence at our home. My priority is guiding my kids, seeing them grow and learn, and helping them with the assignments. My priority is a continuous communication with my husband, who also exerts his efforts to talk to me.


It’s time to accept the fact that there were no more games. No more foolishness. Everything turns into their “serious modes” and it’s actually fun.


I’m already loving the whole scenario, embracing my kids while they’re thankful of their sumptuous treats when I heard a loud noise near my ear.



I woke up and realized it’s just a fancy dream.






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