My Social Media Love

A day won’t be complete without a glimpse of you;
Just a few  minutes of reading a post or two.
Opening the links you have shared for the night;
And the songs that brighten your mood so bright.


Night after night, I feel like a fool for trying;
To glance at your station and see what you’re doing.
A simple smile on face satisfies my day;
That presence that takes the stress away.


You’re like a well-written Facebook status;
Or a well-versed Twitter post.
And then I’m hooked and linked into you;
Plus all the fun that you brought my world.


Reminiscence, all that is left of me;
All that lingers in my head are your memories.
Your favorite show, your favorite movies;
All the events that causes your bliss.


And now, after a year and a half;
I am left here without you and the spark.
Worse, I’ve been left out in the dark;
Worst, I was blocked.


All Rights Reserved © 2014



Huntress ♥


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