This poem was written about a year ago, and was posted in our group blog. As I scan the posts in that page, I wonder if this poem is still worth reposting. I do hope you’ll enjoy this poem, with all the confused and contradicting thoughts that you can read here. Criticisms are allowed, as long as you say it in a proper way. Toodles! :D

Ribbons shaped as hearts on white, valentines day concept



It’s so absurd, you may not believe it;
But this is so true..
From day one my attention was captured by you.
I know this day will come that you’ll know the truth.
It’s just that I never expected this is too soon.

You never know how excited I am when I was transferred to your team.
It wasn’t a good news for me though, since I know I have to fight the feelings.
Until I sat beside you, and you knew there was nothing else behind the way I look at you..
That moment when I said I’ll never take my eyes off you..

Every time you ask who’s the mysterious guy.
My mind keeps on asking so many why’s.
Why do you have to know?
Why do you even care to ask?
Why are you so interested?
You said it was just natural curiosity..
I assumed something that’s not right..

I never told you that I simply look at you when you’re asleep..
I always wish you won’t wake up and catch me staring at you.
It’s funny that I can watch over you and work on my assignment at the same time..
I guess I never want to miss the opportunity that I can freely look at you.. Look at you that close..

Somebody might call you a frog, but you’ll always be my prince.
I’ll deal with your natural curiosity rather than calling you my paparazzi..
I’m just sad that I deleted my chat history..
‘Cause that’s where I can track my joyous moments with you..

You’re a great TL, everyone knows that..
It’s such an honor to work with you in a short span of time.
Whatever happens in the next days, I’m sure your tips will always be on my mind.
I’m sure I’ll remember you all this time..

Do I still need to drop your name? You already knew about it.

Please act like you knew nothing.
Please act like you never read my post.
Never stop smiling.
Don’t feel creepy when I tell you I’ll never take my eyes off you.
I just want to cherish the little moments that I can have with you.
Moments when I’m still here and you’re just there…






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