Awards Night for the Huntress

It’s Friday again, folks! I am so looking forward to spending my long weekend since Monday was declared as a non-working holiday. But before anything else, I wanted to share my recent WordPress milestones. Hah!



First, I wanted to welcome my 207 followers! Last August 19, I received my new award when I accumulated a total of 200 followers. Others might think that it’s just a small number compared to their followers, but I really appreciate the presence of those people who are looking forward to reading my posts. I promise that I shall fo my best to produce sensible and informative content in my future posts. I hope you’ll enjoy those! Again, you so much for the follow. :D



Second, I wanted to thank you (again) for helping me reach 200 post! I wouldn’t be inspired to continue writing if you aren’t there to respond to me. I know I can’t maintain great posts, but I’m grateful that you spend a few minutes reading my articles.



Lastly, I wanted to thank you for giving me a total of 596 likes! WOW! I never thought I would reach that stat, especially because I’ve been out of blogging for so many days. Thanks again my dear readers!


I can’t give you a tangible gift as a sign of my appreciation. (I’m so poor at the moment to do that, and I still can’t afford the shipping charges for everyone) So, let me follow all your blogs too, and I promise to give comments and feedback to your posts.


Thank you so much, guys! I am looking forward to communicating and interacting with you in the next days!




From the lady with full of gratitude,


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