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The Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, and Done

Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

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With so much to share about the current events of my life, I believe ten minutes is quite a short period. However, let me share the best lights out party I’ve attended last September 20, 2014.

Hosted by Booklat, an online community for creative writers and readers, the Book Lights Out party was a part of the 35th Manila International Book Fair held at SMX, Mall of Asia.

The experience was awesome. I guess awesome is an understatement. The venue was breath-taking, and the energy of the participants are pretty high. It was a nice chance to meet up people with the same interest. People who knows why you’re writing, why you’re reading, and appreciates your hobby.

Booklat have been my kind of writer’s support group since I joined the site. I’ve been welcomed by nice fellas who were willing to crticize my work and help me inprove my writing skills.

Booklat have been the source of new friends and new adventures.

I wish everyone will be able to attend the future parties to be organized and hosted by the Booklat family.

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100 Days Of Christmas | Day 2

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
― Marcel Proust

Finding a person who’ll make you happy is kinda hard. However, you must know that someone out there is waiting for his/her chance to find a space in your life.

One thing that I’m really grateful for is the existence of those people who gaves me reasons to smile and to live life to the fullest. I might not be with them during Christmas, but my heart will always be thankful that they’ve been a part of my life.

My loving parents..
My two siblings..
My friends..
My ever loving boyfriend..
even my Haters who taught me how to be strong.

Thanks everyone! XD


100 Days of Christmas | The Beginning

Up for some writing prompt? You could also join me in my quest within 100 days before Christmas!

“Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”
― Charles Dickens

It’s Christmas time in the city..

OK. I don’t have the plan to post a series like this, but I was inspired by the company countdown. They were changing our wallpaper every week, and that indicates the number of days before the company Christmas party and Christmas itself.

Honestly, I’m not really excited about Christmas. Yes, I’ll be celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ during that day, but I’m not really the woman who’ll be sticking to a countdown. Oh my! Enough with that wordy intro….

This countdown will focus on the things that I’m grateful for, the moments that I’ll love, and the people that could share the spirit of Christmas in my heart. This could also include advance gifts, tangible and intangible, that I could get within the next 100 Days.

So for day 1, I present to you my super tiring experience at a public hospital.

That sounds mean, right? Well, I was really disappointed on how they treat people, either the patients or attendants. I understand they were after orderliness and peace inside the hospital, but they really have to make sure they know how to say things properly. There’ll always be a polite way to implement the rules and help the common people.

Anyway, amidst my exhaustion and stress for two consecutive days, I was thankful that my BF had a successful operation. It’s just a minor operation, but we’re both paranoid ’cause it’s his first time at the OR.

Moreover, I’m thankful that we’re released at the hospital a day after the operation with a small amount to pay according to the billing section!

And I’m thankful to his friend who helped us carry our stuff when we went home. Amidst the rainy weather, he willingly helped us and joined us until we reached our home sweet home.

I also wanted to extend my “Thank You’s” to everyone who prayed and encouraged us along the way. You knew who you are guys! Thank you so much!


The Daily Post | Moved to Tears

Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry? Tell us about a recent tear-jerking experience!


After reading the prompt, my mind have been playing the song, Sad Movies. It might be an old song for my age, but it’s one of my all time favorites.

Recent tear-jerking experience? Hmm. Still thinking about it…

It was a Saturday evening, or Sunday I guess, when my dearest Audie babes visited my apartment. Like our usual routine, we’ve been updating each other about the recent happenings in our lives: his compliance, my endoscopy, and our next medical appointments. I cooked food and then we ate. While he was washing the dishes, I started playing some songs from my phone.

As the music play, he asks me about some facts that I knew about the singer. With all the information that I’ve stored in my stock knowledge, I tried my best to answer him. Until he asked me to stand up, placed my hand in his shoulders, and swayed with the music.

At first, we’re laughing at our craziness. Each minute passed and we started getting serious. Talking about how we’ll manage LDR, how we’ll support each other in our medical issues, and how we’ll treasure the love and care for the future.

His words was making my heart melt. I almost cried, but I stopped myself. I don’t want him to see me cry ’cause he might misinterpret that to sadness or pessimism.

So I cried not only because of the music, but also because of the song. Valentine by Jim Brickman is also one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. That was the one playing when I was dancing there with him, words just can’t express how happy I felt, and how thankful I am that he was here.

I guess that song will make me cry again and again when the time comes that we part ways.

And until we meet again.


From Med Cert to A Dentist Appointment

Not me. Just found in the photos here in my PC. Haha! But, those were the tools she used during my visit. :D

I am still sleepy. I am so sleepy. I am very sleepy.


It was all because of my unplanned medical appointments today.

I visited the Caritas clinic to ask for a medical certificate in relation to my Gastroscopy procedure last week. They told me that they need my doctor’s signature there. Unfortunately, Dr. Romero is scheduled to visit the clinic during Wednesday and Friday. Today is Thursday, so I have to wait until tomorrow for the release of that certificate.

Since I don’t wan to waste my visit there, I asked for the dental schedule. They told me that I could consult the dentist today since no one was scheduled to see her. So I said yes.

I waited for almost two hours before she came. She apologized for being late, since she was actually not feeling well. I said that was ok, and that I have no issues with waiting.

She immediately checked my teeth and told me that I’m in desperate need of cleaning. Since my insurance covers one FREE cleaning session, I said she could do the cleaning today.

Dentist: When was your last dental appointment?
Me: I think that was five or six years ago, when I had tooth extraction.
Dentist: I see. When was your last cleaning?
Me: ???
Dentist: You have any idea about the process?
Me: No.
Dentist: That means it’s your first time?
Me: Yes.

So she explained how the machine works, how much noise I have to endure, and how fast the process would be.

Without further ado, she start the cleaning process. The noise was awful, and after few “drills” I could already taste blood. My body tensed, and I was just looking at the dentist’s eyes, at the ceiling, or at the lights.

She told me that I have four teeth that are infected, and I’m not sure if she said they needed to be extracted. Then, she keep on asking me why I still don’t have my wisdom teeth. I’m twenty-two, and she expects that i could have extracted them by now.

She also noted that the front of my teeth was clean, and I have to do more effort in brushing the back part. (Honestly, I’ve been thinking how I should brush the “backside” of my teeth.)

In the end, she recommended a change in my toothbrush and toothpaste for the sake of my super sensitive bleeding gums. With fingers crossed, I do hope I won’t have worse problems with my oral health.

And I wonder, “Where are my goodies?” Hahahah!


Sudden Downpour III

Part One

Part Two

I could’ve escaped. I could’ve smiled and walked away. But I was here, staring at him like I’ve been memorizing his face again. Staring at him like the first time we saw each other. Missing him so much that it hurts like hell to know that we can never be together again. With a sudden stab of pain, I gathered myself and prepared to leave.

“Is that you, Shammy?” he asked as he came closer and closer to where I am standing. My feet froze and my heart races. I don’t know how to respond. The only thing that runs my mind is the fact that I miss this damn guy.

“The one and only Samantha Charlotte,” I heard his mom say at my back.

“H-Hello there. Nice to see you again.” I tried to show my sweetest sincerest smile to him. I think I succeeded ’cause he smiled back. “I might be a year late, but congrats on your business. The menu is great.”

“Thanks, Sam. You going now?” He placed his bag on one of the tables and came near me to open the door.

“I have to. I still have to report to the office. Just dropped by to ask about the book you borrowed from the antique shop. Tess of d’Urbervilles, remember?”

I can’t take my eyes off him. He looks more matured, but his blue eyes reveals how young he is. He seems so happy and contented with his life ’cause you can’t see any wrinkles in his forehead. He still has a fair complexion, taller than me by an inch, and has a fair body built. I guess he’d been working out ’cause of the muscle forms that I’ve been seeing in his body.

“Oh yeah. I’ll return that tonight. I promise. You’re the one who’ll be buying that, right?” he remained his gaze at the door, may be thinking if he’ll open the door for me or if he’ll ask me to stay.

“Yes. I was supposed to buy that today, but I guess I have to wait until tomorrow. As much as I wanted to catch up with you, I really have to go.” I walked closer to the door and held the door handle. He immediately opened the door for me and waved goodbye.

I was already enjoying the breath of fresh air when I heard his sweet voice calling for my name. I faced him, with a questioning look.

“My mom wants you to take this,” he handed me a box of mango cheesecake. His mom still knows my favorites.

“The free meal is already enough, and this is too much. But I don’t want to offend you mom. How much is this?” I asked, while I searched for my wallet.

“No need to pay for that. You  know how my mom loves giving you your favorite sweets.” he smiled.

I can feel my face blushing. I never imagined talking to him again, even reminiscing some facts from our past. “Tell her I am so thankful for this. I’ll visit her when I have free time within the week. That’s a promise.”

“I hope you’ll visit me too.” he whispered.

“I beg your pardon?” I asked, pretending I haven’t heard what he just said.

“Oh I just said take care. I’ll relay your message to mom. Gotta go?” he waved goodbye again and walked back to the store.

I used all my remaining strength to gather myself and walk swiftly to our office. I was out of breath when I reach my working station, and I slumped myself at my chair. With hands on my face, I tried to compose myself, while the memories of what happened a while ago flooded me.

Is he glad that he saw me again? Isn’t he mad at me when I left him before? Is he looking forward to catching up with me? Is he thinking of the things that I hope he thinks?

Those questions and many more were lingering in my head until the end of my shift. I forgot to text the store owner about what happened, and I’m just reminded of our deal when he texted.

The book’s been returned. Thanks for your effort, Sam.

“No problem, sir. I’ll be picking up the book tonight. Is that okay?” I replied.

“Sure. I’ll be waiting for you.”

After organizing and cleaning my station, I visited the store again.

“I’m sorry for coming this late, sir.” I immediately told him as I enter the store.

“No worries, my dear. Looks like you don’t want to miss the book. Isn’t it?” I nodded in response. The smile on his face tells me that he’s glad for the upcoming sale he’ll be having soon.

“How much is it? Including Jane Austen?” I was thinking it would amount to $50 or more. But I was shocked with his next statement.

“It’s already paid. Marius also asked me to give this to you.” He handed me a piece of paper and I already noticed his beautiful handwriting.

“Thanks Sir.”

I immediately held the letter when I came home. He’s fond of writing notes and letters, and I was shocked ’cause he still sent me one. I guess that’s one of his old habits that he can’t break forever. I closed and opened the letter for so many times before I finally decided to read it.


August 10, 2012


My heart was shattered when you left. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. Your parents won’t talk to me, probably afraid to tell me where you are. I know you’ve given up on me ’cause I’m awful. I might be the most annoying guy that you’ve ever had. I’m really sorry for neglecting you and for taking you for granted. You’ve been a nice lady and an awesome woman. I miss you so much.

September 1, 2014

That’s the last letter I’ve written, Shammy. A week before you left. I always new you’d pursue your dreams abroad, and I don’t have anything against that. I was just sad that you never talked to me before you were gone.

I should be mad at you for doing so. I should be furious and I should never wanted to see you again. But, after seeing you at the cafe a while ago, I saw a sign of hope that I could win you back. All I wanted to do was hug you and kiss you like we used to do. All I wanted was to say how much I miss you and how much I love you. If only I have enough courage to do so.

Yes, I’m still afraid. Afraid that you might go away again,and afraid that you might never allow me in your life for the second time. As I’ve said in that previous letter, I was devastated when you left. And now you’re back, I don’t want to lose the chance to be with you from this day forward.

I hope you feel the same. That look in your eyes, Oh goodness! I miss them so much. Give me the chance again, Shammy. Come back to me.

I’ll be waiting for you. Drop by the restaurant anytime you want. I’ll be always there to see you.

Missing you,



I woke up with a smile on my face. It’s been two weeks since I’ve read the letter. Two weeks of thinking and searching for the hope within me. Yes, I loved him three years ago, and that never changed amidst the time and the distance. Yet, I am afraid. Afraid that he might take revenge and leave me like I did to him. But, I will take the risk.

I dropped by the restaurant but I haven’t seen Marius nor his mom. I just left a note to their cashier, and also left my phone number. Maybe Marius could just call me when he’s not busy anymore.

An hour have passed and an unregistered number called me.

“Shammy, I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you came. We went to the hospital to visit Mom’s friend and..”

I cut him mid-sentence, “You don’t have to explain, Mar. I do understand. Besides, I can’t stay too long that time. What’s up?

I heard his deep breath before he spoke, “Can I see you tonight? Just wanna talk with you.”

I can’t help but smile at his words. It seems like he’s been trying very hard not to mention about the letter. “There’s a park that’s near the antique shop. You know that?”

He didn’t respond for a minute or two. “I remember that place. See yah there?”

“Yeah. I’d be out of work by 5 o’clock. Gotta go. See you.” Then I hanged up, with a very excited grin on my face.

He was already sitting at a corner when I came. He’s wearing my favorite checkered shorts and gray shirt. Still the perfect outfit for his fantastic body.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” I said as I sat beside him.

“It’s okay. I just came here early. I got your favorite.” He handed me three red roses and I took it without any complain.

I smiled at the gesture. I never thought he could still remember much of my favorite stuff. Guess that’s a sign, I said to myself.

“I’ll pay you for the book.” I said after a moment of awkward silence.

“No need.” He answered. “Receive that as my peace offering.”

“You never did anything wrong, Mar. I must pay you.” I insisted.

He still refused to get the envelop. “I said, you don’t need to pay for that. It’s a gift.”

He’s still stubborn, I said to myself.

I decided to talk about the letter instead. “About the letter,” I started, but I can’t find the appropriate words to continue.

“I do hope you’d give me a chance, Shammy. I was thinking you’d be giving me a great answer today since you decided to see me. I was hoping my dear, but I’m not forcing you.”

I was speechless after that. I don’t know what to say, actually. I can’t find the right words to say.

“I miss you, Shammy. I know it’s weird and I should hate you for leaving me, but I’m stucked with our happy moments. I’m stranded at a world filled with your treasures and dreams. I wanted you back again, my dear. I’ve been loving you.”

Tears started to run through my cheeks and he noticed that too. He started wiping away my tears with his hanky, and he keeps on asking what’s wrong.

“Nothing’s wrong. I mean, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have left you. I should’ve stayed. But I was afraid that I might be a hindrance to your dreams and aspirations. So I have to let go. You don’t know how much I wanted to go back and give up on everything that I have just to be with you. I’ve been hoping and praying that I’d still see you again, and ask for you forgiveness.” I was saying those words while trying to stop crying. I held his hand, and he looks at me with teary eyes, too. “I’m sorry for leaving you behind. I’m sorry for not talking to you the day before I left. I’m sorry for ruining all our plans together.”

He just kept on hushing me, waiting for the next words that I would say. “I’ve been loving you, Marius. The feeling never changed through the years. I still long for you amidst the distance, though I thought it was next to impossible.”

I hugged him tight and he did the same. Well, maybe tighter than I could cuddle him. After a moment, he whispered in my ear, “Will you be my forever, Shammy dear?”

“I will.” I answered, and I know that’s gonna be the start of our happily ever after.


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Happy 3rd!

To my dearest Audie babes..


Three months ago, you’ve been very far from me.
Three months ago, we’re still a lost cause.
Three  months ago, we’ve met again..
And that’s how it all began.

A simple reunion I’ll always be thankful of;
Another chance to be with the man I’ve been dreaming for.
Those smiles, the way you look at me,
Reminds me of all those reasons why we’re meant to be.

We decided not to count the months but I can’t help it.
I’m just happy that we’ve lasted this period amidst the complications.
I’m grateful that you’re here through thick and thin;
You’re holding my hand for richer or for poorer.
You’re giving into my cravings and satisfying my desires,
You’re taking all the stress away with just a simple hug.
You’re making me feel special in every other way,
And that makes me love you more and more each day..

Thanks for the past three months, and I’m looking forward for more.
More seconds to feel your presence;
More minutes to make you feel special;
More hours to lift your spirit;
More days to see you smile;
More weeks to make you happy;
More months to serve you right;
More years to laugh with you;
More decades to treasure you;
More centuries to cuddle you;
And more millenniums to love you and to hold you.