Happy 3rd!

To my dearest Audie babes..


Three months ago, you’ve been very far from me.
Three months ago, we’re still a lost cause.
Three  months ago, we’ve met again..
And that’s how it all began.

A simple reunion I’ll always be thankful of;
Another chance to be with the man I’ve been dreaming for.
Those smiles, the way you look at me,
Reminds me of all those reasons why we’re meant to be.

We decided not to count the months but I can’t help it.
I’m just happy that we’ve lasted this period amidst the complications.
I’m grateful that you’re here through thick and thin;
You’re holding my hand for richer or for poorer.
You’re giving into my cravings and satisfying my desires,
You’re taking all the stress away with just a simple hug.
You’re making me feel special in every other way,
And that makes me love you more and more each day..

Thanks for the past three months, and I’m looking forward for more.
More seconds to feel your presence;
More minutes to make you feel special;
More hours to lift your spirit;
More days to see you smile;
More weeks to make you happy;
More months to serve you right;
More years to laugh with you;
More decades to treasure you;
More centuries to cuddle you;
And more millenniums to love you and to hold you.




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