From Med Cert to A Dentist Appointment

Not me. Just found in the photos here in my PC. Haha! But, those were the tools she used during my visit. :D

I am still sleepy. I am so sleepy. I am very sleepy.


It was all because of my unplanned medical appointments today.

I visited the Caritas clinic to ask for a medical certificate in relation to my Gastroscopy procedure last week. They told me that they need my doctor’s signature there. Unfortunately, Dr. Romero is scheduled to visit the clinic during Wednesday and Friday. Today is Thursday, so I have to wait until tomorrow for the release of that certificate.

Since I don’t wan to waste my visit there, I asked for the dental schedule. They told me that I could consult the dentist today since no one was scheduled to see her. So I said yes.

I waited for almost two hours before she came. She apologized for being late, since she was actually not feeling well. I said that was ok, and that I have no issues with waiting.

She immediately checked my teeth and told me that I’m in desperate need of cleaning. Since my insurance covers one FREE cleaning session, I said she could do the cleaning today.

Dentist: When was your last dental appointment?
Me: I think that was five or six years ago, when I had tooth extraction.
Dentist: I see. When was your last cleaning?
Me: ???
Dentist: You have any idea about the process?
Me: No.
Dentist: That means it’s your first time?
Me: Yes.

So she explained how the machine works, how much noise I have to endure, and how fast the process would be.

Without further ado, she start the cleaning process. The noise was awful, and after few “drills” I could already taste blood. My body tensed, and I was just looking at the dentist’s eyes, at the ceiling, or at the lights.

She told me that I have four teeth that are infected, and I’m not sure if she said they needed to be extracted. Then, she keep on asking me why I still don’t have my wisdom teeth. I’m twenty-two, and she expects that i could have extracted them by now.

She also noted that the front of my teeth was clean, and I have to do more effort in brushing the back part. (Honestly, I’ve been thinking how I should brush the “backside” of my teeth.)

In the end, she recommended a change in my toothbrush and toothpaste for the sake of my super sensitive bleeding gums. With fingers crossed, I do hope I won’t have worse problems with my oral health.

And I wonder, “Where are my goodies?” Hahahah!



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