100 Days of Christmas | The Beginning

Up for some writing prompt? You could also join me in my quest within 100 days before Christmas!

“Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”
― Charles Dickens

It’s Christmas time in the city..

OK. I don’t have the plan to post a series like this, but I was inspired by the company countdown. They were changing our wallpaper every week, and that indicates the number of days before the company Christmas party and Christmas itself.

Honestly, I’m not really excited about Christmas. Yes, I’ll be celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ during that day, but I’m not really the woman who’ll be sticking to a countdown. Oh my! Enough with that wordy intro….

This countdown will focus on the things that I’m grateful for, the moments that I’ll love, and the people that could share the spirit of Christmas in my heart. This could also include advance gifts, tangible and intangible, that I could get within the next 100 Days.

So for day 1, I present to you my super tiring experience at a public hospital.

That sounds mean, right? Well, I was really disappointed on how they treat people, either the patients or attendants. I understand they were after orderliness and peace inside the hospital, but they really have to make sure they know how to say things properly. There’ll always be a polite way to implement the rules and help the common people.

Anyway, amidst my exhaustion and stress for two consecutive days, I was thankful that my BF had a successful operation. It’s just a minor operation, but we’re both paranoid ’cause it’s his first time at the OR.

Moreover, I’m thankful that we’re released at the hospital a day after the operation with a small amount to pay according to the billing section!

And I’m thankful to his friend who helped us carry our stuff when we went home. Amidst the rainy weather, he willingly helped us and joined us until we reached our home sweet home.

I also wanted to extend my “Thank You’s” to everyone who prayed and encouraged us along the way. You knew who you are guys! Thank you so much!



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