#BookBlogWriMo WEEK 1

Since I’m behind the prompts for the #BookBlogWriMo organized by Book Bumblings, I’d be answering those questions, from Day 1-7, in this lenghty post.

Oh well, I don’t think so if it’ll be a long, long post, since I have the freedom to answer as briefly as possible. Hehe!

Let’s get this started!

#BookBlogWriMo – DAY 1 – History of my Blog

I really don’t know anything about the blogging world until my recent job introduced me to WordPress and Blogger. And that’s how it all started last year.

My blog started ’cause of boredom. Yes, guys. You heard me right. I started the blog ’cause I was bored and sleepy, and I need to something productive.

I had a hard time finding the best title to suit the nature of the blog. I know my recent name isn’t catchy or anything, but it talks about me and my hunting life. Hahaha! I’m not really a hunter by all it’s literal meaning, but I believe I am a huntress who looks for the purpose in life.

Another trial was choosing the right theme. Come on! All the most beautiful themes aren’t free. Hahaha! And I still don’t have enough money to pay the premium site, so I have to get one that’s a bit girly and full of beauty.

About people on Facebook checking my blogs? I just linked my blog to my personal account, and then BOOM! My friends, especially officemates, where looking forward to reading more gossips from my blog. *insert evil laugh here*

#BookBlogWriMo – DAY 2 – How You Read

I have a variety of PDFs, paperbacks, and hardcovers.

I have to prepare a cup of hot choco or coffee before I sit in my bed and start to read. Sometimes I read my PDF files, and sometimes my paperbacks. I’m not yet touching my hardcover books ’cause I’m not in the mood to read thrillers ad mysteries as of the moment. Hehehe!

While others read to feel sleepy, I read to alert my mind and keep me awake. Who would sleep of you’re reading a great book anyway?

#BookBlogWriMo – DAY 3 – Where You Read

Oh! I read at my house, at those public transportation vehicles (e.g jeep, UV, train or bus), at the office, and even at the fastfood chains.

I read wherever I felt the need to read since I always have a reading material with me.

#BookBlogWriMo – DAY 4 – Why You Blog

I blog ’cause I wanna do something with the jumbled thoughts in my head. I blog ’cause I wanna express, even if that means I’ll be posting a rant blog or something that wasn’t nice. I blog ’cause I have to do something and keep me from sleeping while I’m at the office.

I blog ’cause I want to.

#BookBlogWriMo – DAY 5 – Where You Blog

Majority of my blogs were written during my leisure time at the office. When I’m finished with my camps and my assignments, I use my blog to share something that I’ve learned in those blogs that I’ve read. Or any life lessons that just came out of my mind.

Once I tried blogging using my smartphone, but it took me a long time to type the post. My internet connection wasn’t so good also, so I have to wait until my working hours to finish a post.

#BookBlogWriMo – DAY 6 – #TBT Favorite Chidlhood Books

When I was still in my primary years, our class was given one hour per week to visit the library. That was spent on reading Goosebumps, Mary Kate and Ashley, and Animorphs. I lived my childhood life reading those, though I can’t remember all of their stories.

I was in high school when I finished reading Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, and a devotional book. I’m sorry i can’t give the title ’cause I already forgot it. Hehe! I’m also an avid reader of the Daily Bread, and it’s also a devotional book.

I was in college when I’ve read Kulang by Ed Lapiz. It was a book published here in the Philippines, but I don’t know if it was also distributed around the world.

Honestly, I’m not really an avid reader when I was a kid. Even during my high school or college days. Yes, I do read textbooks for the subject. Or read a fictional book for the sake of a graded book review. My addiction for books started just last year.
YEHEY! I guess that was a nice catching up post. Haha! And now for day 7!

#BookBlogWriMo – DAY 7 – #FlashbackFriday Blog’s First Design

Unfortunately, I can’t open that site, waybackmachine.com. So sad! But I’m pretty sure that the first theme I used for this blog was LoveBirds theme. Below is a preview of it. :D


Well, I’m still hoping that I could open that site. If only that website was allowed to open at our country.

That’s all for today! See yah tomorrow. :D

♥ Huntress


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