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Yesterday, your pet/baby/inanimate object could read your post. Today, they can write back (thanks for the suggestion, lifelessons!). Write a post from their point of view (or just pick any non-verbal creature/object).

Dear Huntress,

I’ve read your rantings and I am here to defend my side of the story. If you think that I’m mad at you, I hope you could also think of the things that you’re at fault with.

First and foremost, I know I am noisy. And so you are. All those rumblings happened cause I want you to shut up and take a well, deserved rest.

We both love coffee, and you definitely know that. It’s just that you have to strict to your moderation. I could tolerate a cup of Joe during your shift, but don’t dare drink Milo afterwards. I don’t like the taste of Milo these days.

I don’t hate your gastroenterologist, but I don’t like him either. All those meds doesn’t taste right, and I feel like it won’t do anything to cure my anger. About the endoscopy, it’s so nice to be filmed. I am a star! And I think you have to do it again. I have to see that fabulous-looking nurse at the hospital. *wink*

Believe that I’m not that sick.

And with your new healthcare provider, you can find another doctor to check me. I’m looking forward to another consultation by next week, and please do it as soon as possible.

Lots of love,
Your Tummy

*Hahahah! This is crazzzzyyyyyyyy!*


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