The Daily Post | Oil, Meet Water

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

I believe that friends come and go, so as love. Some people you’ve met before could be a different person today. Or vice versa. Hmm. Let me talk about my BFFs and how we nailed the friendship through the years amidst the differences that we have.

1. BFF May Ann

403696_293644684024835_898632236_nAside from the fact that she’s older than me, she’s more beautiful than me, too. You could imagine the list of insecurities that I have once I am beside her. Hehehe! But you know what? That crazy lady knows how to make me feel confident with how I look after all those constructive criticisms she could say. *You should hear her evil laugh in here*

What brings us together is the fact that we have the same dilemma about boys. Whatever those problems are, I invoke my right to self-incrimination. Hihihihi!

2. BFF Yana


She’s one of the most quiet person in our youth group before. But when she became friends with me, she became talkative like me. I know, I know! I’m a bad influence, kinda. Hahahaha!

She’s been there when I am troubled, and vice versa. We’ve been talking about so many things in one conversation, as if we can’t talk again tomorrow.

She’s a responsible woman in times that I’m not. She’s more organized than I am, unless I was given specific instructions. Well, i believe you could guess who gives me that instructions when we’re together. :D

3. BFF Moi


Owkeeeyy. I don’t know what to say.

He’s a guy; I’m a girl.

He’s tall; I’m only 5’0 guys!

He’s skinny; I’m chubby.

He’s good at classroom discussions; I’m the silent-type student.

He’s now traveling the world; I’m still stuck at out nation.

I could definitely list of differences that we have, and I could think of a few things that could keep us together. Hmm. Let me try some..

Good thing, he’s a great listener. His craziness and honest advices we’re some of the things that I love about him. He could teach me how to become better than be bitter for the rest of my life. His achievements have been challenging me to become a better person and pursue my dreams. Moreover, his secrets are safe with me as long as he’ll serve as an angel by my side. *insert evil laugh here*

He could give his own list, if he wanted to. :D

4. BFF Juvy

10628016_712970315424740_30728310077196733_nWhat I love about her is her deep devotion to her ministry. Yes, I was devoted to my music and Sunday school ministry before, but things have changed when I decided to take computer classes and leave my hometown.

When we’re still classmates, our unusual weirdness kept us together. We talk about guys and girls, and all that’s between them. We argue about simple things like what to buy during our breaktime; whether to buy fish balls outside the campus or biscuits at the canteen near our classrooms. We could discuss how annoying boys are, and how arrogant others were.

For the differences? Hmm. She won’t disappoint those who are looking after her achievements. I can feel that. And I am one of those who are expecting much from her. Well, expecting in a way that she might be a challenge for me to pursue what I want. What I really love.



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