#BookBlogWriMo – DAY 13 | Your Review Process


Do you write your review the second you finish the book? Months later? Take notes as you read?

My answer? It depends on various factors.

1. My workload

I can’t find time to type the review while I have tons of workload. There are times that it took me weeks, or months, to finish the review. I seldom forget about it when I have tons of workload, like today.

2. My interest in the story

If I love the story that much, I will write a review as soon as possible. Even if that means I’ll skip lunch or forget my nap.

If I love the story slightly, I’ll grab the book again and reread. Taking some notes of the things that I love and the things that I hate on the novel.

I don’t write reviews on books that doesn’t entertain me at all. Unfortunately, I’ve been in love with the books that I’ve been reading, in one way or another. So you could see those reviews here in my blog. :D

Speaking of reviews, I’d be posting some reviews at my next posts. And I do hope I could catch up with my books slash movie reviews in the next few days. That will be added to the revision of my story. Lots of things to do, eh? Wish me luck! :D



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