The Daily Post | By Hand

What’s the best present you’ve ever received that was handmade by the giver, not store-bought? Tell us what made it so special.

The best present I’ve ever received that was handmade was a card.

One of my students during my Sunday School ministry gave me this simple but cute card. It just a simple white bond paper folded into four, and she used simple pen and crayons just to decorate it. It might be cheap and lame, but I love the effort that she did just to give me a gift. I’m still keeping that card at home, at the province. I do hope I could take a photo of it and post in time.

Another card was made by one of my ex-BFs. It was a yellow card with a sweet, sweet note in it. I knew it wasn’t him who has written the message. (He doesn’t have a neat handwriting, you know.) However, his sister have told me that he was so busy with the decorations before he dictated the message to her. Yes, the little sister was the one who has written the text on the card. It was a brother-sister effort, plus the key chain that his father have given me. Hehehe! Unfortunately, the key chain was already damaged and lost. The card, however, was also kept somewhere as a souvenir. I still love reading that, even if we’ve ended the relationship.

I’ve been thinking about various handmade cards that I’ve been receiving and smile was instantly painted in my face. They’re all so awesome, and I’m pretty sure they’ll always give me memories of yesterday that I should be thankful for.



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