#BookBlogWrimo – DAY 16 | Least Favorite Book Blogging Things


Yeah, sometimes blogging is a pain in the ass. Tell us why.

Blogging gives me a whole new world of freedom and independence. Another era where I could be myself, be b*tchy, and be the best. However, it could also be just like the ordinary world, but of hateful people who don’t even care what others might think about their posts.

Planning what to post per day is such a pain in the ass. Good for those who have specific niche on their blogs, by the way. Since my blog was published just to share anything and everything under the sun, there were times that I have tons of topics in my mind. Sometimes, I am under the spell of mind block. See my dilemma? It was really depressing.

Tagging could also be a pain in the ass. Well, that depends if I can’t think of a specific tag for the post. I guess I always wanted a tag that could be easily searched for, and not another tag that would be left unnoticed.

Finding the perfect theme was a pain in the ass! You wouldn’t believe that I changed my theme every week when this blog was just starting. I wanted the blog to look girly and fierce, but I can’t find one in the lists of themes that are free. Hmmm. I just settled on this theme just because it’s simple and cute.

And yeah, I feel like I am a cry-baby with all those complains that I have. Anyway, blogging have been my source of entertainment for a year now, and I won’t give up blogging just because of that difficulties I’ve stated.



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