#BookBlogWriMo DAY 17 and 18


Dang! I’ve been very busy again since yesterday that I forgot to update the prompt. *Sigh* Well, time to catch up again with the posts. So here’s my #BookBlogWrimo entry for Days 17 to 18. Enjoy reading!

***Favorite Book Tropes***

Friends with benefits? Manic pixie dream girl? What cliche-type things do you never get sick of?

Within the writing community that I am a part of, they’ve been trying pretty hard on how to avoid those cliches in a story. Unfortunately, I agree with what Book Bumbling’s idea that not all books are original. The difference lies within how authors deliver the scenes and how the characters interact within the plot.

I think I’ll never get tired of the boy-meets-girl in a not-so-nice-way. Scenes like girl tripped in front of guy and they met somewhere again when a friend hosts a party. Or a scene where they’ve been friends before but was parted by destiny. Or the scenes where the girl hates the hero so much, but he tries his best to be the best for her. I know, they’re just simple cliches.

I’ll never get tired of the “you and me against the world” stories. For me, those scenarios are just so inspiring. They’ll make you feel that love will really conquer everything, and you’ll be proclaimed a winner. *Sigh* I’m a hopeless romantic, am I not? :D

Lastly, I’ll never get tired of the “vampire meets human and they fell in love” scenes. Aside from the fact that I am currently writing a novel on that topic, I’m also reading the House of Night series where Zoey (the heroine) was involved with so many different guys, and I don’t know if she’ll end up with the human, or with the blue vamp, or with the red fledgling, or with the evil  immortal. I guess I’d be meeting more of her partners in the next books.

** Favorite Subgenres **

My favorite subgenre is RomCom a.k.a romantic comedy. Witty scenes and conversations adds some spice in the lives of the hero and the heroine. Moreover, that genre is my frustration. Hihihi! I can’t create a novel under that theme ’cause I can’t make those witty remarks. :D

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading. :D

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