#BookBlogWriMo DAY 21 | My First Review


Link up to your some of your first reviews. Feel free to get reflective.

This prompt is really depressing. I thought I’ve posted as many book reviews as possible in this blog. While I was checking for what to link in here, I’ve seen that I only have ONE book review in this blog. Seriously? -_-

So it’s time to do another blog hop. Haha! I opened my blogger account (which is honestly sleeping for some months now) and searched for my book reviews. For the second time around, my heart was broken. How did I ever forget to post my bok reviews, huh? *sobs*


According to my blogger account, my first book review was about The Fortune Catcher by Susanne Pari. It was a romance novel that talks about how love conquered all those trials that they faced. One of the nicest books I’ve ever read, though there are times that I have to struggle at the words that I’ve been reading. Hehehe!

I guess I have to work on my book reviews asap. I don’t wanna feel like I was left behind. :D



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