#BookBlogWriMo DAY 25 | How You Deal with Book Hangovers


Pig out? Take a nap? How do you deal?

I actually don’t know how to do this prompt, so I decided to wait for updates from those who are doing the #BookBlogWriMo. After reading Short Story Long‘s entry for today, my thoughts have been arranged. Hahah! Now I can finally answer the prompt.

If you’ve read my post about the Best Books of 2014, you’ll see that I’ve been into series. Twilight, Hunger Games, House of Night, and many more. I’ve been disappointed. I felt enraged. I felt betrayed. I could feel a roller coaster of emotions every time I’m reading a book. So now I honestly wonder what I do after finishing a story. Hmm. Let me think about it.

If I’m contented and happy with the content of the story, I immediately draft a review. There were times that I have to reread the book just to quote lines that I loved, and lines that made my heart melt. There were times that I have to review the character and how it affected my whole being. I just babble about that book, and hit publish when I am satisfied with my review content.

If I was disappointed with the content, I reread it. I’ll try to find good points and think of optimistic ways for me to enjoy the book. I might find another reading nook, or I might read with a friend. However, there were times that the disappointments won over my optimism. So I visit Goodreads, and read about some of the reviews there. If I’d have the time, I’d publish a review. But if I am lazy enough, I’d just put the book back at the shelf, and forget about it. Hahaha! I am mean.

Most of the time, I just forget about those reviews and move to another book. I think that was obvious since I haven’t posted my book reviews in here, right? Anyway, I might not be posting those praises for the book, yet their memories are always part of my life. The good things I’ve read are always part of my memories, and will definitely leave a space in my heart.

I am looking forward to reading your own version of this prompt! Just pingback your posts, alright? :D



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