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A Moment in Time | The Daily Post

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)


Another exhausting night passed;
Those hours, I thought, were wasted.
Doing nothing, staring from afar;
Hoping I can wish upon a star.

Reaching home, I see you;
Standing still, smiling at me too.
After you kissed my cheek and said ‘Goodbye!’
You went to the door and left me behind.

While looking at the bag I was holding;
I sighed and wondered when will you be coming.
I lay in our bed watching another show;
Trying to imagine how your routine would go.

I wish I was there, running with you;
Burning these fats and strengthening my body too.
But I just can’t, I can’t be so tired;
Even if I wanted to. Even if I tried.

I decided to cook something you’ll eat when you came back;
Unfortunately it’s not as healthy as you could ever ask.
I wish I could prepare something better;
But for now, this dish, please just consider.

I won’t eat if you’re not going to join me;
I’ll wait for you even if I’ll miss hours of sleep.
Later you came, and made a cup of hot choco;
Our meal was complete with laughter and conversation.

I’ll never get tired of preparing meals for you to eat;
I’ll always return the kindness that you offer.
Thank you, my dear, for making my mornings better;
Thank you for the things you do to make me happier.


Save HarsH ReaLiTy!!

I can’t really tell if Jason, the author of Harsh Reality, commented in any of my post. But, I do remember how hospitable he was when I visited his site and checked out his profile. He’s very friendly, and you’ll love his posts! (Even if those were just composed of two to three sentences, mind you!)

I hope WordPress can reconsider their decision, thus remove the suspension given to Harsh Reality. :)

To Jason:

You have the heart of the bloggers, bro. Hope you’ll continue to share your posts, even if they won’t lift that damn suspension. BUT, with all the support that WordPress might be reading by this time, I believe they’ll send you a great news as soon as possible.



Linda G. Hill

No one likes spam. In internet terms (as opposed to the stuff you find on the grocery store shelf) it’s the bane of our existence. Its sole purpose is to get our attention and once it does, it either begs us to buy something or gives us something we would never pay for – something like a virus.

Then there is the exception to the rule. In fact, there is only one exception that I’ve found in over a decade of browsing the web. It may have seemed like a “spam follow” at the start, but when I followed the cookie-crumb trail that led me back to its source, it ended up benefiting me beyond my wildest dreams: it was HarsH ReaLiTy.

Jason, also known as Opinionated Man, has a huge (over 50,000 blog, twitter, and Facebook combined) following on his blog, HarsH ReaLiTy. His passion for connecting with other…

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Writing With Grammarly


As part of an SEO company, I’ve been trained to create statements and comments. Every sentence should pass the grammar rules, and every comment should be rich in information.

Two years ago, I met Grammarly. I can remember my previous team leader who used to be editing my comments using that site. That moment I asked, “Why does he have to use an app when he can use his stock knowledge in checking the grammatical errors?” Momentarily, I can fully understand the reason behind it.

Now, I am writing this blog post with Grammarly! Just wanna check how this app is being used. Hahaha! Kidding aside, it’s great to see that I’m not having issues when it comes to my grammar. Another achievement, eh?

I guess I’ll be loving this app more in the next few days. I’ll start writing my stories again, and I believe Grammarly can be of great help.

Are you using Grammarly, too? If so, I hope you can share your experience with me. Flood my comment section with your kind words!


A New Year With Love

Crochet Lovely Hearts

Confused, complicated, uncertain
My world was unfair and uneven
There you came and showed hope
That there’s something else; a way to cope.

Every second, every minute, every hour;
You made me feel like the world is ours.
Every day, every week, every month;
You made me stronger, whatever path I take.

Another year will pass, and another shall come;
My love for you will never be gone.
Things might change, our distance might be far;
Wherever I might be, you’ll always have my heart.

For in love, no distance or time can be an impediment. Love survives all those hindrances.


Whispers From The Dead by Joan Lowery Nixon


Hello to my first ever book review for 2015! Some of you might think that this is the first book that I’ve read this year. Truth is, I was reading two books simultaneously and thankfully, I’m not jumbling the scenes, the characters, and the plot. Looks like I have a unique talent, haven’t I? Haha!

Let’s get back to business. I borrowed an old copy of the book to my boyfriend’s mother. She’s actually a fan of suspense books and thrillers, and I’ve got to choose four books that captured my interest. I silently swear to read more thrillers and suspense novels this 2015.

Before anything else, here’s the blurb printed at the back side of the book:

Only Sarah senses the horror.

The minute she steps through the doorway of her family’s new home, Sarah feels a smothering cold mist, and hears the echo of a scream and a heartbreaking whisper in Spanish, “Help me!”

Sarah feels compelled to find out who is trying to reach her. But can she uncover the mysteries of the past before terror strikes again?


Sarah Darnell – A 16-year old teen who had a near-death experience. She had this “connection” with the otherworldly beings. I do believe in the afterlife, but I really can’t understand why those “spirits” have to communicate with the living. If I was in her position, I might shout at those voices and tell them to leave me alone. Hah!

On the other hand, I love her courage to help Rosa even if the people behind her doesn’t believe in her. She proved her independence by keeping her promise that she’ll help her, whatever the price at stake is.

I also commend her love for her family. She’s willing to visit the psychiatrist once in a while for her parent’s peace of mind.

Dee Dee – She reminded me of Dexter’s Laboratory, a cartoon series that I used to watch every night when I was a kid. Haha! She’s one of the best buddies that I have in my life, the ones who questions my thoughts and actions but supports me along the way.

Adam/Tony – I was really puzzled about Tony’s character. He’s so mysterious that I forced myself to finish the book to uncover his secrets. Amidst the fact that he was Adam, he did a great job in making Sarah like him.

Eric – Just another BFF who’s willing to be blinded by lies just to save a dear friend. Glad he was able to do the right thing before the novel ends.

Personal Thoughts about the Plot:

Honestly, I’m not a fan of stories about ghosts, spirits, and something related to those, especially if they’re making some weird communication with the living. You should know that I am a total coward, and living alone and staying alone in my mini apartment. My imagination works overtime, too, so I believe you can imagine how terrified I am when I can imagine the scenes from the books that I’ve been reading. Hah!

Technically, this is a great story. It’s well-written, and you’ll find it hard to stop reading until you reached the end. I love reading page-turners, and this one suits my taste. And I have to disregard the spirit and ghost thingy just to finish this novel. Hahah!

I can only imagine the troubles Sarah experienced, and I’m sure somebody’s out there feeling the same thing. They’ve been judged. They’ve been called names. They’ve been considered mentally ill. What matters is how they react too their situations, and how they embrace their lives and be happy with it. Even if that means they have to deal with various negativity and abnormalities in their daily routines.

I’d definitely recommend this novel to my friends. Oh, to you my dear readers as well.

Final Book Rating: 5


No To New Year’s Resolutions

new year!
photo courtesy of Google

I can still remember those days when I keep on pestering myself about my New Year’s Resolutions. Why? I have to write something when I came back to school! First outputs at the beginning of the year are usually connected to that topic. I usually list a few of the things that I think I could do for the rest of the year, but then I fail to comply to most of them. And I don’t know why.

This year I say NO to new year’s resolutions. What’s the use of thinking about them when you’re not really dedicated in making them real? What’s the use of listing those things that you want to change when you know that you just can’t change them? Just a waste of time. So instead of thinking about the things that you’d change, what about think about the things that you want to accomplish? Think about your goals!

Here’s a list of those goals that I want to accomplish on 2015. Fingers crossed! I hope I’ll be able to cross-out any of them, ALL OF THEM, by the end of the year. Check it out!

NOTE: Some of those items are found on my bucket list. It’s time to accomplish them all!

1. Find a stable job.
I’m serious about this. Finding a greener pasture isn’t easy, but I really have to dedicate my time in doing so. Working here for two years (almost) makes me think I’m not improving and I’m not learning anymore. It’s time to challenge myself in pursuing something else.

2. Complete the House of Night series.
I have completed the House of Night books via PDF, so the challenge now is to complete the prints. Whew! I’m currently reading Burned, and I’m hope I’ll finish reading the series by June.

3. Complete the Left Behind series.
Just like the House of Night series, I have complete copy of the PDFs for Left Behind. MY goal for 2015 is to finish reading them, and most probably complete the printed books. If I’m not mistaken, I have three books on my shelf as of now.

4. Complete the Dark Angel Trilogy.
5. Get a copy of all the books written by Dan Brown.
6. Read a classic book.

7. Enjoy a spa day.
I badly need this. Really. Maybe I need to accomplish this first before anything else on the list. Haha!

8. Buy a guitar.
I planned to buy a guitar last December, but I have other things to spend for. Maybe I could buy this by the February. Fingers crossed!

9. Record covers of my favorite songs and upload a video at YouTube.
YES! This is crazy! Hahah! And this will be just for fun.

10. Reconnect with an old friend.
I guess this is a must. I have to find some time in rekindling the friendships that I had. I’ve isolated myself last 2014, and it’s time to open myself up again.

11. Get annual dental cleaning.
I had my first teeth cleaning last September, so I have to visit the dentist by March. Hope everything will be alright. Teeth issues suck so much.

12. Movie marathon alone.
I think I’ll be able to do this when my boyfie is already at training. I’ll spend my free time watching movies and reading books just to forget how sad it is to be far from him. A year without him and without communication can drive me insane, mind you!

13. Learn new languages.
At least one new language for 2015!

14. Visit a local museum.
I’ve been planning to visit the National Museum by the end of January. Or sometime in February. :D

15. Visit Enchanted Kingdom and/or Star City
Just to complete one thing on my bucket list, riding a roller coaster!

16. Take photos everyday.
I already missed a few days of 2015, and I haven’t took photos. I guess I have to catch up and start with the photo-a-day hashtag. The problem is, I can’t upload them everyday due to internet connection problems. Haha! Weak. >.< (Well, at least I’ll be taking photos everyday. That’s the deal.)

17. Attend the Manila International Book Fair on September and meet more Booklat fellas!
This is already scheduled! Haha! See yah there my dear readers and writers from Booklat and Wattpad. I’m pretty sure that will be another awesome event for us to enjoy. I’m so excited! :D

That list isn’t final. I might think of another goal as the days pass by. For the mean time, may this list be blessed and accomplished within 2015! Happy new year!

You, my dear reader, what’s your goals for 2015? Comments are welcome!


At The Beginning

I’ve been back from my two-week vacation and I believe that means I have tons of things to tell. But before talking about my year-end adventures, I want to go back at the beginning of 2014, and the special events that was a part of it.


1553414_610744535664329_1385840672_oBonding with my friend, Emman Antipala. Details were blogged on this post.


Marks my first year anniversary on my job. I can imagine all the complains, the absences, and the tardiness that I acquired within the year. Don’t forget to count the infractions and suspensions that I counted throughout 2014! Hahahaha!


Attended the wedding expo hosted by Themes and Motifs


Being promoted as the Link Placement Senior Writer. Not really a big thing, but I think I have to note this. Might be used for future references, I guess. Hehe! Just kidding.


Change Management Training with other departments. Most of them were team managers and supervisors. That was really the most pressuring training I’ve attended. Haha!

Tasting how love was sweeter the second time around. I had the chance to met my dearest ex-boyfriend, now my boyfriend again, Audie. Reminiscing the past wasn’t really nice, but it paved the way to rekindle what we had – the love, the passion, and the respect for each other. May 2014 was full of love and love and love!


Celebrating my birthday with my family! It’s not a grand celebration, but I’m happy with it. I won’t forget that week of celebration, of fun, and vacation!


very-inspiring-blogger-awardVery Inspiring Blogger Award!


I had my endoscopy procedure last August 26. It was a memorable experience since it’s the first time that I had such an invasive medical examination. I still have the CD with me, and I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it again.


I had my dental appointment, and I noted it as my first voluntary dental appointment. Thanks to my late-as-always doctor, I had the chance to schedule a consultation to the clinic’s dentist while waiting for him. It was a nice experience, and I was told that I have issues with my teeth. Not nice, I know.

10653664_741323939273054_4661602788139680949_n 10669184_742167459188702_5644766106927756973_o10679831_742495689155879_3174886659174397600_o

I can still remember the fun that I had during the MIBF. It was awesome, fun, and refreshing. I had the chance to meet fellow writers and readers from Booklat last September 20, 2014. I also had the chance to meet Rose Tan, a PHR writer at the cocktail party.


My boyfriend had his surgery last Sept 13. I was with him, taking good care of him while he was healing. It was a challenge, and I can’t forget how long I cried as I feel all the pain and the fatigue showering all over me.


150748_1533344483580600_165261647171542282_n 10805645_1533343233580725_3170901199282708571_n 10849736_1533344546913927_9001280003902281538_n

The Princess In Me event in SM North EDSA and meeting two of my Booklat friends, Carmela and Zharina. I haven’t been able to blog about that ’cause I was busy catching up with my workload.

Intramuros adventure with my friend, Emman Antipala. Unfortunately, our photos were deleted on my camera. I’m still waiting for his pics to be uploaded.

My new hair color!


May our 2015 be full of beautiful events to blog for! Happy New Year, folks!