At The Beginning

I’ve been back from my two-week vacation and I believe that means I have tons of things to tell. But before talking about my year-end adventures, I want to go back at the beginning of 2014, and the special events that was a part of it.


1553414_610744535664329_1385840672_oBonding with my friend, Emman Antipala. Details were blogged on this post.


Marks my first year anniversary on my job. I can imagine all the complains, the absences, and the tardiness that I acquired within the year. Don’t forget to count the infractions and suspensions that I counted throughout 2014! Hahahaha!


Attended the wedding expo hosted by Themes and Motifs


Being promoted as the Link Placement Senior Writer. Not really a big thing, but I think I have to note this. Might be used for future references, I guess. Hehe! Just kidding.


Change Management Training with other departments. Most of them were team managers and supervisors. That was really the most pressuring training I’ve attended. Haha!

Tasting how love was sweeter the second time around. I had the chance to met my dearest ex-boyfriend, now my boyfriend again, Audie. Reminiscing the past wasn’t really nice, but it paved the way to rekindle what we had – the love, the passion, and the respect for each other. May 2014 was full of love and love and love!


Celebrating my birthday with my family! It’s not a grand celebration, but I’m happy with it. I won’t forget that week of celebration, of fun, and vacation!


very-inspiring-blogger-awardVery Inspiring Blogger Award!


I had my endoscopy procedure last August 26. It was a memorable experience since it’s the first time that I had such an invasive medical examination. I still have the CD with me, and I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it again.


I had my dental appointment, and I noted it as my first voluntary dental appointment. Thanks to my late-as-always doctor, I had the chance to schedule a consultation to the clinic’s dentist while waiting for him. It was a nice experience, and I was told that I have issues with my teeth. Not nice, I know.

10653664_741323939273054_4661602788139680949_n 10669184_742167459188702_5644766106927756973_o10679831_742495689155879_3174886659174397600_o

I can still remember the fun that I had during the MIBF. It was awesome, fun, and refreshing. I had the chance to meet fellow writers and readers from Booklat last September 20, 2014. I also had the chance to meet Rose Tan, a PHR writer at the cocktail party.


My boyfriend had his surgery last Sept 13. I was with him, taking good care of him while he was healing. It was a challenge, and I can’t forget how long I cried as I feel all the pain and the fatigue showering all over me.


150748_1533344483580600_165261647171542282_n 10805645_1533343233580725_3170901199282708571_n 10849736_1533344546913927_9001280003902281538_n

The Princess In Me event in SM North EDSA and meeting two of my Booklat friends, Carmela and Zharina. I haven’t been able to blog about that ’cause I was busy catching up with my workload.

Intramuros adventure with my friend, Emman Antipala. Unfortunately, our photos were deleted on my camera. I’m still waiting for his pics to be uploaded.

My new hair color!


May our 2015 be full of beautiful events to blog for! Happy New Year, folks!



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