No To New Year’s Resolutions

new year!
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I can still remember those days when I keep on pestering myself about my New Year’s Resolutions. Why? I have to write something when I came back to school! First outputs at the beginning of the year are usually connected to that topic. I usually list a few of the things that I think I could do for the rest of the year, but then I fail to comply to most of them. And I don’t know why.

This year I say NO to new year’s resolutions. What’s the use of thinking about them when you’re not really dedicated in making them real? What’s the use of listing those things that you want to change when you know that you just can’t change them? Just a waste of time. So instead of thinking about the things that you’d change, what about think about the things that you want to accomplish? Think about your goals!

Here’s a list of those goals that I want to accomplish on 2015. Fingers crossed! I hope I’ll be able to cross-out any of them, ALL OF THEM, by the end of the year. Check it out!

NOTE: Some of those items are found on my bucket list. It’s time to accomplish them all!

1. Find a stable job.
I’m serious about this. Finding a greener pasture isn’t easy, but I really have to dedicate my time in doing so. Working here for two years (almost) makes me think I’m not improving and I’m not learning anymore. It’s time to challenge myself in pursuing something else.

2. Complete the House of Night series.
I have completed the House of Night books via PDF, so the challenge now is to complete the prints. Whew! I’m currently reading Burned, and I’m hope I’ll finish reading the series by June.

3. Complete the Left Behind series.
Just like the House of Night series, I have complete copy of the PDFs for Left Behind. MY goal for 2015 is to finish reading them, and most probably complete the printed books. If I’m not mistaken, I have three books on my shelf as of now.

4. Complete the Dark Angel Trilogy.
5. Get a copy of all the books written by Dan Brown.
6. Read a classic book.

7. Enjoy a spa day.
I badly need this. Really. Maybe I need to accomplish this first before anything else on the list. Haha!

8. Buy a guitar.
I planned to buy a guitar last December, but I have other things to spend for. Maybe I could buy this by the February. Fingers crossed!

9. Record covers of my favorite songs and upload a video at YouTube.
YES! This is crazy! Hahah! And this will be just for fun.

10. Reconnect with an old friend.
I guess this is a must. I have to find some time in rekindling the friendships that I had. I’ve isolated myself last 2014, and it’s time to open myself up again.

11. Get annual dental cleaning.
I had my first teeth cleaning last September, so I have to visit the dentist by March. Hope everything will be alright. Teeth issues suck so much.

12. Movie marathon alone.
I think I’ll be able to do this when my boyfie is already at training. I’ll spend my free time watching movies and reading books just to forget how sad it is to be far from him. A year without him and without communication can drive me insane, mind you!

13. Learn new languages.
At least one new language for 2015!

14. Visit a local museum.
I’ve been planning to visit the National Museum by the end of January. Or sometime in February. :D

15. Visit Enchanted Kingdom and/or Star City
Just to complete one thing on my bucket list, riding a roller coaster!

16. Take photos everyday.
I already missed a few days of 2015, and I haven’t took photos. I guess I have to catch up and start with the photo-a-day hashtag. The problem is, I can’t upload them everyday due to internet connection problems. Haha! Weak. >.< (Well, at least I’ll be taking photos everyday. That’s the deal.)

17. Attend the Manila International Book Fair on September and meet more Booklat fellas!
This is already scheduled! Haha! See yah there my dear readers and writers from Booklat and Wattpad. I’m pretty sure that will be another awesome event for us to enjoy. I’m so excited! :D

That list isn’t final. I might think of another goal as the days pass by. For the mean time, may this list be blessed and accomplished within 2015! Happy new year!

You, my dear reader, what’s your goals for 2015? Comments are welcome!



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