Whispers From The Dead by Joan Lowery Nixon


Hello to my first ever book review for 2015! Some of you might think that this is the first book that I’ve read this year. Truth is, I was reading two books simultaneously and thankfully, I’m not jumbling the scenes, the characters, and the plot. Looks like I have a unique talent, haven’t I? Haha!

Let’s get back to business. I borrowed an old copy of the book to my boyfriend’s mother. She’s actually a fan of suspense books and thrillers, and I’ve got to choose four books that captured my interest. I silently swear to read more thrillers and suspense novels this 2015.

Before anything else, here’s the blurb printed at the back side of the book:

Only Sarah senses the horror.

The minute she steps through the doorway of her family’s new home, Sarah feels a smothering cold mist, and hears the echo of a scream and a heartbreaking whisper in Spanish, “Help me!”

Sarah feels compelled to find out who is trying to reach her. But can she uncover the mysteries of the past before terror strikes again?


Sarah Darnell – A 16-year old teen who had a near-death experience. She had this “connection” with the otherworldly beings. I do believe in the afterlife, but I really can’t understand why those “spirits” have to communicate with the living. If I was in her position, I might shout at those voices and tell them to leave me alone. Hah!

On the other hand, I love her courage to help Rosa even if the people behind her doesn’t believe in her. She proved her independence by keeping her promise that she’ll help her, whatever the price at stake is.

I also commend her love for her family. She’s willing to visit the psychiatrist once in a while for her parent’s peace of mind.

Dee Dee – She reminded me of Dexter’s Laboratory, a cartoon series that I used to watch every night when I was a kid. Haha! She’s one of the best buddies that I have in my life, the ones who questions my thoughts and actions but supports me along the way.

Adam/Tony – I was really puzzled about Tony’s character. He’s so mysterious that I forced myself to finish the book to uncover his secrets. Amidst the fact that he was Adam, he did a great job in making Sarah like him.

Eric – Just another BFF who’s willing to be blinded by lies just to save a dear friend. Glad he was able to do the right thing before the novel ends.

Personal Thoughts about the Plot:

Honestly, I’m not a fan of stories about ghosts, spirits, and something related to those, especially if they’re making some weird communication with the living. You should know that I am a total coward, and living alone and staying alone in my mini apartment. My imagination works overtime, too, so I believe you can imagine how terrified I am when I can imagine the scenes from the books that I’ve been reading. Hah!

Technically, this is a great story. It’s well-written, and you’ll find it hard to stop reading until you reached the end. I love reading page-turners, and this one suits my taste. And I have to disregard the spirit and ghost thingy just to finish this novel. Hahah!

I can only imagine the troubles Sarah experienced, and I’m sure somebody’s out there feeling the same thing. They’ve been judged. They’ve been called names. They’ve been considered mentally ill. What matters is how they react too their situations, and how they embrace their lives and be happy with it. Even if that means they have to deal with various negativity and abnormalities in their daily routines.

I’d definitely recommend this novel to my friends. Oh, to you my dear readers as well.

Final Book Rating: 5



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