Save HarsH ReaLiTy!!

I can’t really tell if Jason, the author of Harsh Reality, commented in any of my post. But, I do remember how hospitable he was when I visited his site and checked out his profile. He’s very friendly, and you’ll love his posts! (Even if those were just composed of two to three sentences, mind you!)

I hope WordPress can reconsider their decision, thus remove the suspension given to Harsh Reality. :)

To Jason:

You have the heart of the bloggers, bro. Hope you’ll continue to share your posts, even if they won’t lift that damn suspension. BUT, with all the support that WordPress might be reading by this time, I believe they’ll send you a great news as soon as possible.



Linda G. Hill

No one likes spam. In internet terms (as opposed to the stuff you find on the grocery store shelf) it’s the bane of our existence. Its sole purpose is to get our attention and once it does, it either begs us to buy something or gives us something we would never pay for – something like a virus.

Then there is the exception to the rule. In fact, there is only one exception that I’ve found in over a decade of browsing the web. It may have seemed like a “spam follow” at the start, but when I followed the cookie-crumb trail that led me back to its source, it ended up benefiting me beyond my wildest dreams: it was HarsH ReaLiTy.

Jason, also known as Opinionated Man, has a huge (over 50,000 blog, twitter, and Facebook combined) following on his blog, HarsH ReaLiTy. His passion for connecting with other…

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