A Moment in Time | The Daily Post

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)


Another exhausting night passed;
Those hours, I thought, were wasted.
Doing nothing, staring from afar;
Hoping I can wish upon a star.

Reaching home, I see you;
Standing still, smiling at me too.
After you kissed my cheek and said ‘Goodbye!’
You went to the door and left me behind.

While looking at the bag I was holding;
I sighed and wondered when will you be coming.
I lay in our bed watching another show;
Trying to imagine how your routine would go.

I wish I was there, running with you;
Burning these fats and strengthening my body too.
But I just can’t, I can’t be so tired;
Even if I wanted to. Even if I tried.

I decided to cook something you’ll eat when you came back;
Unfortunately it’s not as healthy as you could ever ask.
I wish I could prepare something better;
But for now, this dish, please just consider.

I won’t eat if you’re not going to join me;
I’ll wait for you even if I’ll miss hours of sleep.
Later you came, and made a cup of hot choco;
Our meal was complete with laughter and conversation.

I’ll never get tired of preparing meals for you to eat;
I’ll always return the kindness that you offer.
Thank you, my dear, for making my mornings better;
Thank you for the things you do to make me happier.


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