Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself to the World

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

Being a Huntress is a blog about a lady’s daily adventures, random thoughts, and various skills. It doesn’t belong to any specific niche, that’s you can read different kinds of stuff in here.

I blog publicly for a change. I was accustomed to writing diaries, but I guess I’ve been too old for that. I grew tired of grabbing my notebook and pen just to write the details of my day. I still write a diary, though entries were just notes of what to blog.

I’ll continue writing about new things in my life: places I’ve visited for the first time, restaurants I visited, new friends, new lessons, new poems, and new stories. Any topic will do, as long as my mind decides to write about it. Hah!

I love to connect with poets and story writers. I also wanted to connect with those people who were facing struggles in life. I wanted to give them support and virtual hugs, amidst my own problems. This blog will be my avenue to see the reality and the cruelty of the world, and the goodness and kindness in every blogger’s heart.

If I blog successfully throughout the year, I’ll make sure I could post interesting articles, create must-read stories, and compose the most-talked-about poems. High dreams for an amateur writer, yes? A girl can dream. :)



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