Writing 201: Trust

Day 3 is here — and so are questions of trust, acrostics, and internal rhymes.

Seriously guys. This is SO embarrassing. When I signed up for Writing 201, I thought I could complete and publish my works right before the day ended. I was wrong.

I got busy on work, and we’ve been time tracked. Due to that, I wasn’t able to focus on the assignments. I wasn’t able to think about what to write.

Anyway, I had some spare time a while ago, and I grabbed the opportunity to write my entry for the third day of Writing201. I’ll still answer the prompts, even if the classes are already over.

I hope you’ll find some spare time to read and criticize my new poem, as a prompt to third day’s assignment.

Word: Trust
Form: Acrostic
Device: Internal Rhyme


Back on the pack, waiting while whining;
Those memories and lyrics were totally depressing.
Singing, dancing, playing, and sleeping;
Those joyful moments were instantly rewinding.

Restless hearts, fearless thoughts;
That unimaginative feeling you have taught.
Finding peace, searching keys;
Trying to move on from you sweetest kiss.

On that day, I might said ‘bye’ with a smile;
Yet the pain I hide might linger for a while.
I’ll go and you’ll definitely know,
How I cared and loved and told you so.

Keeping stuff, losing love;
Trying to convince myself I’m your only one.
Now I know you’re not always right;
And that I held on your promise too tight.

Everything’s gonna change this time;
Me on this corner and you’re at her side.
It wouldn’t change how I felt for you;
Even if you don’t feel the same way too.

Now, after two years that quickly passed;
I’m still waiting for answers to clear my mind.
I’m still broken and you’re answers will fix me;
Even if you’ll never be with me, like we thought it should be…



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