Month: March 2015

Happy Anniversary!

Yes! Two years in WordPress isn’t bad. Not at all. :)


Looking forward to having more years with you, my beloved readers. 💕💕💕



Wedding Expo 2015

A fan of weddings but no plans of getting married. Bwahaha! That’s meeeeeee. :)

Last weekend, I asked my bf to come with me at the Wedding Expo organized by the Themes and Motifs at SMX Convention Center. My friend, Angelica, joined the fun too. It’s another chance to find more inspirations for a wedding. Hmm. Have I told you I have the dream to be a wedding planner?

Lovely couple, yes?

Here’s out OOTD! Taken by my bestfriend slash housemate, ate May Ann. Simple but cool style, that’s our usual to-go outfit.


After the registration, we were given those name tags. I had one last year, but it’s better to see those tags in pair. Haha!

Our four hours of stay at the expo was so fun. We had a chance to see various designs from different wedding outfits, wedding flowers, and catering services. I also had a glimpse of wedding invitations, and had some designs in mind to use someday.

We had the chance to chat with Ms. Joy San Gabriel, one of the exhibitors. I love her cakes, and I ordered two carrot cakes before. Well, we’ll order another set of cakes this April. And I’m sure she’ll never fail to serve delicious cakes!

Before we went home, we bought one Chamdiz Red Sparkling Wine. It was my favorite pick last year, and BF loved it too! We finished drinking the content of one bottle just last night. Even ate May Ann loved its sweet taste.

I’ll be posting my other photos once Angelica posted them on FB. Waitiiiiiing. :)


The Three Salcedo Place Experience

Who would have thought a pauper like me will have a chance to visit a castle? Haha! Just this afternoon, I visited Three Salcedo Place. One of the best places I’ve ever visited.

I used to invade other buildings and condominiums when I was at field work. I was able to see various designs and architecture, as well as different landscapes. The building took my breath away. I feel like I was given a chance to feel rich. Hahaha!

I met a journalist there. She was a previous columnist for a newspaper in our country. She’s pretty and kind. I love how she handled my interview, and how hospitable she is for welcoming us in her fabulous home.

I love the design of her living room, as well as her dining room and kitchen. Its minimalistic design really made me see how successful she is in her field. I just wonder if she designed the place herself.

I’m looking forward to living in a house as fabulous as that one. She said I can only achieve that if I’ll be able to pursue my dreams and work hard for it. Meeting her wasn’t only a privilege, but a challenge as well.

And yeah, I hope I’ll have the chance to be with her more often in the next days. Maybe in the next years. Wish me luck! :)

Decisions. Finally.


This is a long overdue post. Well, best to say that it’s a long overdue decision. And now that I have the credential, I finally decided to leave.

Honestly, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the job market, and the new transactions I might not be familiar with. On the other hand, I’m still young. Young enough to compete with other people and with fresh grads.

I’m afraid of those what if’s running on my mind. What if I don’t find a job within my rendering period? What if I’ll be left unemployed here, without someone to help me? What if I can’t pass any other screening and interviews? Would I settle for anything less? Would I just lower my preference just be gain income? Questions. Yet, I have to decide.

As I write this post, my resignation letter is waiting for its final destination. One single click and my life will be changed, hopefully for the better. One click and I’ll be another goodie in the job market, waiting for another company to grab me and use my skills.

It’s been two years, my dear LP. And it’s time to move on.

*Resignation letter sent*