Decisions. Finally.


This is a long overdue post. Well, best to say that it’s a long overdue decision. And now that I have the credential, I finally decided to leave.

Honestly, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the job market, and the new transactions I might not be familiar with. On the other hand, I’m still young. Young enough to compete with other people and with fresh grads.

I’m afraid of those what if’s running on my mind. What if I don’t find a job within my rendering period? What if I’ll be left unemployed here, without someone to help me? What if I can’t pass any other screening and interviews? Would I settle for anything less? Would I just lower my preference just be gain income? Questions. Yet, I have to decide.

As I write this post, my resignation letter is waiting for its final destination. One single click and my life will be changed, hopefully for the better. One click and I’ll be another goodie in the job market, waiting for another company to grab me and use my skills.

It’s been two years, my dear LP. And it’s time to move on.

*Resignation letter sent*



10 thoughts on “Decisions. Finally.

  1. I wish you the best of luck on your next job. :)

    Though, I do believe that the vacant period you might have (in case you don’t find a job) is an opportunity for you to hit the brakes for the meantime and get some breathing space. That happened to me back when I was laid off from my first job due to redundancy. I bummed around for five months, which gave me enough energy to apply for a new job at the end of the short sabbatical.

    (BTW, a lot of job openings come in the first quarter of the year so you won’t have much problems. Just pass and pass to those companies you want to apply in!) :D

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    1. Thanks for your insight!

      I also want to breathe and relax for a few months, but I think I’ll just be bored. Haha! Whatever happens, I believe it’ll be for the best.

      Thank you for your comment again! :)


      1. Im doing good. So when will you start your new job? Or are you taking some time off before you begin this new phase of your life? Other than this new phase, how’s everything going for you?


      2. I still don’t know when is my starting date for the new job, but I hope they could give me sometime to refresh before I enter a new workplace. :)

        Everything’s going according to my plan, Teri. Well, I hope nothing will be messed up in the next days. :)


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