The Three Salcedo Place Experience

Who would have thought a pauper like me will have a chance to visit a castle? Haha! Just this afternoon, I visited Three Salcedo Place. One of the best places I’ve ever visited.

I used to invade other buildings and condominiums when I was at field work. I was able to see various designs and architecture, as well as different landscapes. The building took my breath away. I feel like I was given a chance to feel rich. Hahaha!

I met a journalist there. She was a previous columnist for a newspaper in our country. She’s pretty and kind. I love how she handled my interview, and how hospitable she is for welcoming us in her fabulous home.

I love the design of her living room, as well as her dining room and kitchen. Its minimalistic design really made me see how successful she is in her field. I just wonder if she designed the place herself.

I’m looking forward to living in a house as fabulous as that one. She said I can only achieve that if I’ll be able to pursue my dreams and work hard for it. Meeting her wasn’t only a privilege, but a challenge as well.

And yeah, I hope I’ll have the chance to be with her more often in the next days. Maybe in the next years. Wish me luck! :)


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