Month: April 2015


I reached a point of my life when I thought I made another wrong decision. I thought my best wasn’t good enough. I thought I’ll be one useless lady in the unemployed world when Friday ends. The thing is, everything has changed.

Hello new office! Hello peaceful environment! ♥

Just this morning, I already received the job offer from one of the companies that I really wanted to work with. I’m very blessed! I thought I won’t be able to get this job ’cause I can see that the project manager wasn’t interested on my application. I think he just interviewed me to finish his task for the day. Just to say he did the interview. Well, past is past. He’ll be my boss from Monday onwards. Hmmm. I better prepare myself for the challenge!

Well, I have to spill a secret. I’m still waiting for another job offer, and I wish they could give a better opportunity. It’s a bigger company in a lovely location, though I don’t like their extended hours of work. Hahaha! I guess I could just deal with that if the price is right. Wish me luck on my adventures! :D

Before I end this post, I wanna thank those people who wished me luck and prayed for the success of my job hunting days. It wasn’t an easy journey, but I passed the trials with your support. Now that I am free from the stressful environment, I think I’ll have more chance to give you entertainment and quality outputs in this blog.


And yeah. I have to leave this post with an inspirational message. Until next time! :)