Dinner at Kuya J

Hey! It’s been a while, and I am really so excited to share my recent experience as we ate out. So it’s my time to try another resto in a mall near our place, Kuya J.


Located at the third floor of SM City BF Parañaque, Kuya J has been one of my new favorites. They feature a great set of Filipino dishes plus interesting drinks. They were the first to offer me a glass of mango beer. Yes, it’s an alcoholic drink.


Upon seating, I took my time in observing the place. I instantly noticed the books on the shelves, and customers can get one and read while they eat their food. Well, that would be a great option for me if I go there alone. Plus, I have seen three books written by Nora Roberts at their shelves. Lovely!


We ordered Adobong Manok with Gata and Pineapple, Binangoongang Pork, Sotanghon Guisado, and a platter of garlic rice. Platting is just okay, simple but really tempting. It’s not oily, but a bit salty. I guess it’s best if we have ordered plain rice instead.

Each dish is good for three persons, as they say. Just make sure to order more if you’re with big eaters like me. Hahaha! Just kidding. :)

Before I forgot, let me commend them for their iced tea. It’s not too sour and not too sweet. Just perfect for iced tea lovers like me.

Kuya J might have setbacks due to salty foods, but they really got my heart due to the books they have displayed. If somebody from their group might read this post, I hope they’ll be able to find another place for the shelves. It’s really awkward to get books at the shelves while clients were eating at the adjacent table.

Me and my Kuya J gang. XD

So that’s all for today! Hope I’ll be able to share more of my adventures in the future. Will keep you posted!



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