Will you tell me your name when I got the chance to ask,
Or will you just ignore all the effort in that simple task?
Will you still look at me like you’ve been doing everyday,
If you hear all the words this heart has to say?

Will you be my friend if I got the courage to speak?
Or just somebody to clear all the stress I got every week.
Will you stop wearing checkered if I told you so?
For you will know it’s one of the things I have been falling for.

Will you spare me sometime to express my feelings?
Or will you pass by like you haven’t seen me standing?
Will you be my side when I started to fall apart?
Or will you look from a far as I show you my broken heart?

Will you, my stranger, accept this unknown emotions?
Or will you tell me to stop feeding my imagination?
Will you help me move and forget all of these craziness;
Or will you just laugh at my obvious foolishness?

I should be sleeping, but I think of you;
I wonder if you’ve ever thought of talking to me too.
I am confused, more questions to share sometime.
But now it’s best to let this eyes rest for a while..



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