Month: February 2016


With only six days remaining in the love month, I have thought of what just happened in the past days. I can still remember myself being a bit bitter as Valentine’s Day will come without my boyfie near me.

So yeah. Love month is still loveable after all. I just had to diver my thoughts and look at the good things that come into my life.

An old friend visited my cousin last Valentine’s Day, and he also dropped by my place. We decided to go to Starbucks for a drink, then he did something really crazy. He just gave me a Valentine’s gift. Kinda sweet.

Simple gift, but really thoughtful

Three days after Heart’s Day, I attended a Supervisory Development Program. I have learned a lot from the two-day training, plus the new people I have met. I am so lookin forward for next year’s training. Maybe I got to see those wonderful batch again.


Just this Sunday, I attended the Happy Walk at SMX Convention Center. It was really a great experience, plus a very emotional one. It’s nice to see everyone uniting for those with disabilities and for those with Down Syndrome. I feel blessed to see the happy smiles of the kids when we play with them.

The MAAX Bellas ❤
Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V!

Looks like 2016 will be giving me awesome memories. Will be hoping to post them from time to time.




For Six Years

I remember myself, six long years ago
Staring at something that I really don’t know.
Thinking about the news about you,
With that girl I used to talk to.

I was waiting for your call, for you to explain.
I was expecting the comfort to lessen the pain.
But all I got was how boastful your tone has been,
That you fucked someone else when I’m not ready for it.

Each day I have tolerated the gossips
My days end with a deafening silence.
Inside me I scream, I wish I’ve seen
The signs that led you to being so mean.

Now that I saw you after six long years,
I’ve released all the longing I have kept within.
Though I’m still afraid to ask one last question,
Do you still love me or are you void of any emotion?