Month: April 2016

Love, Just Love

Hey, I am in love. So deeply in love.
But why on earth things became so hard?
This love I have, hope that would be enough.
To pass the hard times plotted on our path.

I am in love, so deeply attached.
Attached to your memories full of laugh.
Attached to your passion and your care.
Attached to your world you never failed to share.

Things might be hard, and I don’t fucking care,
As long as I can hold your hand in times I wanna dare.
Just our love might not be enough to survive our days,
But that woul motivate us everytime we work or play.

I love you, and that woul never change
Even if my parents would chase you away.
I love you, I love you so much.
I will love you from this day forward.

<3 Huntress