Month: October 2016

To The Girl Who Claimed That I Broke Her Heart

Girl? Yes. You should grow up!

I guess we both know I should be sorry. But honestly, I can’t be sorry for doing whatever I have done. I can’t forget the fact that you were the first to crush my heart to pieces some eight years ago.

You knew how much I love him. You knew how much I care for him. You knew that we will always be special to each other amidst the walls being built by our families. You witnessed how we try to climb those restrictions just to be together. You were even considered as our friend, might as well be an immediatw family ’cause you were in a relationship with my cousin back then.

You saw what happened when we broke up, when I was a coward and cannot stand against my parents. That was what I have to do, as I was young and dependent on them. We were both studying that time. You were there when he left, went to a far place to work. When he came back, you did everything to get his attention. You did things you knew I can’t do for him. In a way I should be thankful, yes? You were there for him when he needed me the most.

Then the news about you two spread like fire that burnt my soul. You never saw me cry. You never heard anything from me. You never felt how painful it is to think that he will spend the rest of his days with you and not with me. You never knew the feeling of being stared at, with those full of awe and hypocrisy. You never knew how much I bleed each day, wishing that I will be in your position. Silently I hoped that you will make him happy, that you’ll take good care of him, and that you’ll never fail to make his day special.

I decided to leave our hometown after I graduated college, with high hopes that I will be able to move on. But damn the existence of common friends! I was able to see your social media accounts, even see you both when I take my vacations.

For seven years I ran away from you. I ran away from seeing you. But there were unlucky times that I could see him alone, walking past our house, smiling at me. He doesn’t look good. He look so wasted. You should know that I started hating you for all those bad things you did to him. I already knew that he does not deserve someone like you, no matter what your situation is.

I was firm on my decision to let him go, not until last Valentine’s Day. He came to our place to meet my cousin, but we talked a lot more than they did.

He told me all the miserable stuff he suffered because of you. His expressions showed me all the pain he felt and he endured just for the sake of your so-called family. He never abandoned you, no matter how hard his life is, because that’s the way it has to be. I can say that he loved you that much to keep you, but I can see that the love has faded due to the never ending pain you make him feel.

All these made me angry. He does not deserve all this. We could have a happier life if you didn’t intervene eight years ago.

We both suffered for all those years, you see. It is time to stop all the pain now. I may still be a coward to ran away, but I can’t imagine him back to your house to feel more difficulties. I will care for him in ways that you have not done. I will let him feel the love I’ve been keeping for the last seven years. And no matter how difficult the path is, I will never blame him. I will never say bad words to him. I will never hurt him. I will never be someone as harsh as you.

I still wish you’ll have a better life in the future. You are young. You can improve yourself, if you wish to. Stop babling bad things about me since people already knew who’s the evil side.

May you live a peaceful life, little girl. Grow up real soon.
From the woman you called mistress, but now the fiance of your ex-live-in partner..