Month: March 2017

Matchsticks Puzzle

“Life might be full of puzzles, challenges and problems. Just remember, there is a solution to all of them.”

It’s been a while since I posted; and yes, it is nice to be back on track. Now that I have some thoughts worth sharing, I don’t want to waste the chance of doing so. Good thing I have this blog waiting for me all this time.

I have attended the first day of our Curriculum Based Training Program with the course Office Management. (This is why I am writing this post, by the way.) There were some insights from our facilitator, Ms. Serely Alcaraz, that I really wanted to remember, and I guess this blog will not only store the ideas but also share it to those who needed it the most.

We had this activity named “matchsticks puzzle”. At first, it was a really irritating game. She was telling to be creative and think outside the box, but my sleepy head can’t think on what to do next. (Yes, I needed my cup of Joe to wake up my mind. LOL!)

Well, even if I was not able to solve the puzzle on my own, I’ve had few insights to remember. I believe these are the best life lessons I can generate from that activity.

First, our lives are full of problems, challenges, puzzles – oh whatever you wanted to call those – and they also have corresponding solutions. No matter how mind-boggling, stressing, and wrecking those matchticks puzzles are, there are solutions to their given problems.

Just the same with our daily lives. We might be working on routinary basis, but there are obstacles that will still need our solutions. Rush paperworks. Lack of manpower. Lack of budget for projects. Oh, those are actually stressing, right? But yes, there are solutions to them. You just need to look at that perspective and you’ll be optimistic enough to find ways to solve the problems.

That leads me to my second point tonight. Solutions could be found everywhere, by any good means. If tasks are hard and you think you can’t joggle on multi tasks, you can ask for help. You can seek the help of experts, those who knew the process all along, those who knew what to do exactly. But hey, don’t just pass the job and be ungrateful, folks! You can also pass the job and learn how they do it, so you’ll be able to accomplish it next time. Also, if they have finished the job without any of your help, they will love to hear a simple thank you. If you have extra budget and if you are generous enough, a simple token, like a cup of Iced Mocha, will be highly appreciated.

I also wanted to discuss 5S, but I am honestly sleepy now. I still have to prepare myself for the day 2 of our training tomorrow.

So yeah.. until next time.

Hopefully soon…
<3 Huntress