The darkness spells loneliness,

The shadows portrays emptiness..

While left alone in the dim light,

She’s comforting herself with all her might..



He’s all alone in his new place, trying to be strong,

He needs to be away just to protect his beloved girl..

He made the decision to be this far,

So that she can’t feel his suffering as the day pass by..



She still can’t imagine how he managed to hurt her.

She can’t accept that in this cold room she’ll be a loner.

She thought that he will be her most truthful lover.

She’s aiming for a lifetime together..



He’s terminally ill and he don’t have much courage to let her know,

His body don’t respond to the medicines he brought..

Two months remains in hie very short life,

Two months that he wanted her at his side..



She tries to reach him again, she wanted him back.

She called all their friends that can help her with the task.

All of them failed and can’t force him to stay,

He’s finally decided to go on a separate way..



His friends ask him the truth but he can’t tell,

He just drafted a letter that will bid her farewell.

He wants her to learn living all alone,

He has to teach her the hard way though against what he know.



She’s staring at the window, thinking what she has done,

She don’t know how to start living now that he’s gone..

She knows it could be easier and less complicated,

But she don’t know how in the world she has to start..



He’s dying slowly each day,

He’s already at the ICU waiting for his last breath.

His family is always beside him,

And they’re thinking if he wanted her beside him..



She receives the letter and slowly she began to read,

Her man is suffering from an illness he always hid.

She rushed to the hospital but it has been too late,

He’s now a corpse, without a breath to take..



She despise herself and she curse herself,

She blamed the things she haven’t done,

She said all the things left unsaid..

But still she can’t get him back like the way it was before..



They handed her the note that the guy drafted,

Her tears keep falling as she strongly read..

His eternal love was put into the sweet words and message,

That she will treasure in the next days of her existence..



She will never love a guy like the way she loved him,

She can’t find somebody as thoughtful as him..

She’ll be strong not just because he said so,

She’ll be courageous for their son to be born on the future..



Their kid could be born without a father,

But she assured that she’ll tell good stories to the little..

She’ll use the name of her beloved partner,

So she can still feel her presence though he’s invisible..








— Lonely Huntress


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